When does being human come back on tv

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when does being human come back on tv

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Published 11.04.2019

Being Human 2 - Deleted Flashback Scene: Hider in the House - BBC Three

New 'Being Human' cast revealed!

After a successful pilot episode earlier this year, Being Human is returning for a full, six-episode series on BBC Three. The drama - being filmed now in Bristol - revolves around a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost sharing a house together. The pilot was, to all intents and purposes, a huge success - notching up critical acclaim, almost half a million viewers and an internet petition calling for a full series. The wish was granted. Now, for the series proper, producers have made a number of changes to the format - including drafting in a new cast. The only survivor from the pilot is Russell Tovey, who plays George, the nerdy hospital porter battling with his double identity as a predatory werewolf. Annie is the talkative but unconfident ghost, who is trapped in the house that George and Mitchell come to inhabit.

Their characters all ended up in the afterlife so the revival would have to be based in the afterworld according to Russell. Aidan Turner is best known for his role as Poldark in the BBC drama but he seems pretty interested in reviving his vampire character in Being Human. Asked whether they would consider a reunion for a special all three were in agreement that it could be a good idea. However, there are some slight issues in that all three actors - who departed the show before it finished in - all ended up in the afterlife. Luckily Looking star Russell had given the revival some thought and suggested during the panel: "A special would be kind of fun, wouldn't it. We're all there. Maybe it's just a replica in the afterworld and we just carry on.

On Sunday, the final episode of Being Human will air on BBC3 — bringing to a close five series of supernatural flatsharing between a vampire, werewolf and ghost. Not unreasonably, many fans are asking: why? The horror comedy does not bow out having outlived its usefulness or popularity. And, while the recently concluded Merlin was always conceived as a five-year project, it feels as though Being Human only recently took the necessary steps to ensure its continued life on-screen. At the end of series four, with original cast members Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow all gone, it did look as if it might be the right time for the stake: cast overhauls rarely work completely. But Being Human has not only survived with a new cast , it has improved — the arrivals of Damien Molony as OCD-afflicted blood-abstaining vampire, Hal , Michael Socha as little-werewolf-lost Tom and Kate Bracken as narky Scottish ghost Alex giving the show a shot in the arm fans hadn't realised it needed.

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The dust around Mitchell's discarded clothes has barely stopped smouldering, and the BBC has confirmed that the show will indeed return for a fourth series. Not a great surprise, perhaps, given strong viewing figures and critical acclaim for the series — after a second year widely regarded to have mis-stepped, series three was rightly regarded as the best yet — but welcome news for fans. Toby Whithouse, the writer behind the series, says he was "overwhelmed" by the response to the third series.

A werewolf, a vampire and a ghost try to live like humans, but the Devil is in the detail. Series 5 homepage. The supernatural housemates want to live a quiet life, but the Old Ones are coming. Series 4 homepage. The supernatural heroes move to Wales to continue their quest to live like normal humans. Series 3 homepage.

The year-old actor first rose to fame as the sexy but deadly vampire Mitchell in the supernatural comedy-drama and recently admitted that he would be up for a another series. In fact, the Irish heartthrob revealed that he had never seen the final episode of the BAFTA-nominated series because it proved to be too emotional for him. He went on to suggest: "Like, a one-off? A Christmas special in hell - that'd be fun, wouldn't it? We're all there.


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    Being Human is a British supernatural comedy-drama television series. It was created and . Lenora Crichlow did not return for Series 5 as the production team felt her storyline had reached a natural conclusion. Kate Bracken confirmed her.

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    TV. BBC Three's Being Human The original cast are up for a revival Aidan Turner is best known for his role as Poldark in the BBC drama Aidan Turner, Lenora Crichlow and Russell Tovey talk Being Human at the MCM.

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    Being Human: was the BBC right to kill it off? | Television & radio | The Guardian

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    The conclusion of Being Human. Creator Toby Whithouse reflects on the news that the fifth series will be the last. Read Toby's blog post.

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