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A Walk to Remember (2002) Official Trailer #1 - Mandy Moore Movie HD

A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember is a American coming-of-age romantic tragedy film directed by Adam Shankman and written by Karen Janszen, based on Nicholas Sparks ' novel of the same name. In Beaufort, North Carolina , popular and rebellious teenager Landon Carter and his friends have partaken in underage drinking on school grounds. However, Clay becomes seriously injured, which is brought to the attention of the school principal through law enforcement. In an effort to avoid law involvement, the school principal gives Landon the choice of being expelled from the school or completing several service projects which include weekend tutoring, janitorial duties, and participation in the school play. Choosing the latter, Landon is further acquainted with Jamie Sullivan, the local minister's daughter. He never befriended her due to the status quo at the high school, though he has known her most of his life. Landon begins to struggle with the play and reluctantly seeks guidance from Jamie, who agrees to help him on the condition that he won't fall in love with her, but Landon dismisses it as a foolish idea.

It's natural to want to cry when you find out that one of your favorite movies or television shows is leaving a streaming service, and you won't be able to stem the tears when you watch this one for the last time. Although, to be fair, it's hard not to cry any time you relive A Walk to Remember , the one movie you need to watch before it leaves Hulu in April. For those who didn't watch the early aughts tearjerker religiously when it first came out, A Walk to Remember centers on Landon Carter Shane West , a rebellious teenager who, after getting in trouble with law enforcement, starts growing closer to Jamie Mandy Moore, at the height of her bubblegum pop career , a shy, pastor's daughter. Though she makes him promise not to fall in love with her, Landon and Jamie begin a relationship, and she eventually reveals that she has terminal cancer. In an attempt to help her enjoy the time she has left, Landon and Jamie embark on a quest to complete her bucket list. And if you need tissues just reading that summary, well, you're not alone — after all, Moore's performance has been making audiences cry for decades now.

Adopts a breezy anti-cynicism as a pose, and then spends the rest of the time failing in the most This realist fairy tale of impossible love has a fair amount of nuance and charm. A shameless, compassionate tearjerker about hope, inspiration and courage. For anyone under 13, free from cynicism and with a need to believe that 17 year-old boys aren't ju Succeeds modestly as a teen movie. Expect anything else from it and you'll be disappointed. My Movies.

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Mandy Moore is best known these days for starring in the tearjerker family drama This Is Us , but back in the s she was a pop singer just getting her start in acting. One of her earliest acting roles was as Jamie Sullivan in fittingly another tearjerker, the film A Walk to Remember. The love story between Jamie, the town pastor's daughter, and Landon Carter played by Shane West , the resident bad boy, is one for the ages. To kids, the film is a heartbreaking tale of young love that ends in tragedy. To adults, well, it's still pretty heartbreaking, but there is a lot more going on that only grown ups notice.

Love means never having to say, "Thank you, Jesus," in this unabashedly old-fashioned melodrama, based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks who also penned the lachrymose Message in a Bottle , and aimed squarely at young fans of pop-tart Mandy Moore. Landon Carter Shane West is your typical high school bad-ass, whom we first meet as he's being hauled off The streaming lords giveth and the streaming lords taketh away! April is going to be a taketh away kind of month for Hulu, unfortunately, with a lot of awesome titles leaving the service. Mandy Moore fans are getting a one-two punch on April 30 when… Read more.


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