How to care for your pet rat

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how to care for your pet rat

Rat Care: The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Rats as Pets by Pet Professionals

Rat Care: The Complete Guide to Caring for and Keeping Rats as Pets

Here at Pet Care Professionals we are passionate about pet care. As a brand we have a strong idea of what makes up a good pet care book. We consult with multiple experts in each animals field to allow us to create a book filled with cumulative opinions and best practices. The experts we consult range from veterinarians to every day pet keepers who have had years of experience caring for the specific animal each book is on. Our aim, and mission, is to produce the best possible pet care books that are a great value for money.

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Pet Rat Care Guide 101: Rat Care in 9 Steps

Posted on January 9, Rats are affectionate and intelligent animals. They often form strong bonds with their owners, and will thrive when given plenty of mental and physical stimulation. Keep reading to find out the best way to care for them. Just remember, if you have any concerns or questions, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible. Rats are very sociable, so are happiest when kept with other rats. However, you should be careful when keeping two male rats together, as they may fight.

Rats are cuddly, friendly and intelligent pets.
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The best way to do this is with a water-bottle drinking tube attached to the side of their cage. You can also offer bite-sized bits of fresh fruit and vegetables daily. Remember the movie Ratatouille? You can give occasional bits of table food like cooked pasta or pizza crust. The best location for the cage is inside, away from drafts, direct sunlight, and extreme temperatures. The cage should be lined with bedding, but do not use cedar or pine chips as they contain oils dangerous to rats.

Katleigh is an avid animal lover with a special penchant for poodles, ponies, and rats. This is a quick guide on how to care for your pet rat. The article includes tips on choosing a cage, feeding, handling, and other issues. The best place to keep your rat is in a wire cage. It isn't recommended to keep your rat in a glass aquarium tank as these don't provide adequate ventilation. While their wild counterparts can tolerate cold and hot weather quite well, domesticated rats need to be kept in the same environment as you. Garages aren't suitable for rats unless they are properly heated and cooled like the rest of your house.

Show less Rats have been called "low maintenance dogs" because of their appealing blend of intelligence and loyalty. While no pet can really be considered "low maintenance," rats are certainly much easier to care for. A well-socialized, happy rat makes for a friendly, sweet, inquisitive, intelligent, and interactive pet. These entertaining creatures make great pets, but if you are considering getting a pet rat, do your homework first.


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