Mark twain votes for women speech

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mark twain votes for women speech

Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches, & Essays 1852–1890 by Mark Twain

This Library of America book, with its companion volume, is the most comprehensive collection ever published of Mark Twain’s short writings — the incomparable stories, sketches, burlesques, hoaxes, tall tales, speeches, satires, and maxims of America’s greatest humorist. Arranged chronologically and containing many pieces restored to the form in which Twain intended them to appear, the volumes show with unprecedented clarity the literary evolution of Mark Twain over six decades of his career.

The nearly two hundred separate items in this volume cover the years from 1852 to 1890. As a riverboat pilot, Confederate irregular, silver miner, frontier journalist, and publisher, Twain witnessed the tragicomic beginning of the Civil War in Missouri, the frenzied opening of the West, and the feverish corruption, avarice, and ambition of the Reconstruction era. He wrote about political bosses, jumping frogs, robber barons, cats, women’s suffrage, temperance, petrified men, the bicycle, the Franco-Prussian War, the telephone, the income tax, the insanity defense, injudicious swearing, and the advisability of political candidates preemptively telling the worst about themselves before others get around to it.

Among the stories included here are “Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog,” which won him instant fame when published in 1865, “Cannibalism in the Cars,” “The Invalid’s Story,” and the charming “A Cat’s Tale,” written for his daughters’ private amusement. This volume also presents several of his famous and successful speeches and toasts, such as “Woman—God Bless Her,” “The Babies,” and “Advice to Youth.” Such writings brought Twain immense success on the public lecture and banquet circuit, as did his controversial “Whittier Birthday Speech,” which portrayed Boston’s most revered men of letters as a band of desperadoes.

“Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand,” he once wrote. A master of deadpan hilarity, a storyteller who fashioned an exuberant style rooted in the idiom of his western origins, and an enemy of injustice who used scathing invective and subtle satire to expose the “humbug” of his time, Twain, like Franklin, Whitman, and Lincoln, helped shape the American language into a unique democratic idiom that was to be heard around the world.

The publishing history of every story, sketch, and speech in this volume has been thoroughly researched, and in each instance the most authoritative text has been reproduced. This collection also includes an extensive chronology of Twain’s life, helpful notes on the people and events referred to in his works, and a guide to the texts.
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04 The Votes for Women Speech by Mark Twain 문제01~10

Votes for Women, a popular slogan in the campaign for women's suffrage in the United States, was also the title of a January 20, speech by American author and humorist Samuel Langhorne Clemens, better known as Mark Twain. In this speech Twain spoke out for women's full enfranchisement in the.
Mark Twain

Votes for Women (speech)

Votes for Women. Go here for more about Mark Twain. The report of Mr. Meyer was admirable, and I was as interested in it as you have been. Why, I'm twice as old as he, and I've had so much experience that I would say to him, when he makes his appeal for help: "Don't make it for to-day or to-morrow, but collect the money on the spot. We must be worked up by steam, as it were.

Expressing himself as strongly in favor of woman's rights, in the past, the present, and the future, Mark Twain, at the annual meeting of the meeting of the members of the Hebrew Technical School for Girls, last night said that he believed that if women had the right of suffrage such corruption as is said to exist in this city would be swept away. He predicted that the time would come when women in this city would be allowed to vote, and he contended that it would mean much for the purity of the city when such was the case. The meeting at which Mr. Clemens made these predictions, in a speech of characteristic humor and wit, was held in the vestry room of the Temple Emanu-El, Fifth Avenue and Forty-fourth Street. Every seat was taken, long before the exercises began, with members of the society and its well wishers. Clemens entered with Nathaniel Meyers, the President, and as he took his seat on the platform there was a greeting of applause. Meyers presented a report in which the progress of the school, which is situated at Henry Street, was outlined in detail.

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Over the years, Mark Twain changes his mind about female suffrage:. I think I could write a pretty strong argument in favor of female suffrage, but I do not want to do it. I never want to see the women voting, and gabbling about politics, and electioneering. There is something revolting in the thought. It would shock me inexpressibly for an angel to come down from above and ask me to take a drink with him though I should doubtless consent ; but it would shock me still more to see one of our blessed earthly angels peddling election tickets among a mob of shabby scoundrels she never saw before. Louis Missouri Democrat , March


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