Best study bible for teenager

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best study bible for teenager

Best Bibles For A Seeker or New Believer (16 books)

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Published 06.04.2019

CSB Heart of God Teen Study Bible Review

Bibles for Teens

First, the New Living translation is so very modern and easy to understand. It will open the understanding of the teen mind. It reads in a way that she can relate the Word of God to her own life. It hits all the basics and she can learn of the Spirit-filled life elsewhere. The name says it: It is all about application of the Word of God to her daily life with all its issues and modern-day complications.


Teens Against Bad Teen Study Bibles

Time for a little confession upfront: I am not officially a Christian. I do believe in God, but I have no 'official' religious background. Nor do I have any desire for one. Yet, I have always been fascinated by the Bible and Bible stories. So I have always wanted to read the Bible, but the prospect is a daunting one for the uninitiated. How to study the Bible?

Adolescence can be an overwhelming time. For perhaps the first time in their lives, teenagers struggle with serious issues such as identity and insecurity. In many cases, they may not be sure where to turn. But the Word of God is a safe haven for all who run to it. The right Bible will help them to grow in their faith and pursue God in a whole new way. These are the best Bibles for youth.


  1. Holly W. says:

    Let me suggest three things you might keep in mind as you choose a Bible for your nephew.

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