Be stronger than your excuses

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be stronger than your excuses

Quote by Bryant McGill: “Your will has to be stronger than your excuses....”

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Published 25.03.2019

wINNERgame by Todd V - 102. Be Stronger Than Your Excuses

You are so much stronger than your excuses. Imagine this: You are locked into the fight for your life, and you're giving it all of your effort. You're punching.

Being Stronger Than Your Excuses

Forget these excuses, forgive yourself for hiding behind them and now rise up to who you are meant to be. We have so much potential within us. Potential to do good, be of service, create beauty but also design an incredible life for ourselves. Your journey is meant to be filled with purpose and possibilities. You are supposed to rise to a level where you are thrilled to be alive.

It's easy to make excuses to skip a workout or to eat junk food. But remember what happens when you overcome those excuses: You get closer to a happier, healthier, fitter you. A year from now, do you want to be in the same place, or do you want to be able to look back on how far you've come? Every time you overcome an excuse, you're one step closer to your goal! SparkPeople's Comments It's easy to make excuses to skip a workout or to eat junk food.

To realize short term and long term goals, you must be committed to a certain mindset.
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I stopped dead in my tracks when I got an email from the gym I enthusiastically joined on January 1st. Whether or not I wanted to admit it, I had definitely lost my beginning-of-the-year-motivation to hit the gym. While setting a goal is a very easy thing to do, the difficulty comes in the follow-through. Writing your goals down not only turns them tangible, but it reinforces the idea in your brain. Whether you jot them into a journal, set them as daily notifications on your phone, or display them proudly on your bedroom wall, visual reminders of your hopes and dreams keep you motivated to achieve them. Sometimes we need a little help to stick with our plans. The more people that know about your goals, the more motivation you have to stick with them.


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    Being Stronger Than Your Excuses - The Positivity Solution™

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    SparkPeople's Comments

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    You are stronger than your excuses. | SparkPeople

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    The easiest way to fail in life is to give and accept excuses.

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