My tribe best island number

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my tribe best island number

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The most important part of My Tribe is selecting your Island. Next arrows or by selecting Advanced Options, entering an island number, and then hitting View.

What is the best island on My Tribe?

At the start of a new profile, a random island is provided by default. You can view other islands by either clicking the Previous and Next arrows or by selecting Advanced Options , entering a number, then hitting View. Once you have chosen an island, click the Choose this Island! With 14 mysteries in the game, there are possible combinations, before accounting for island layouts. There is one important thing to note about the mysterious objects. There are 14 different mysteries in all, but only 3 per island.

I like this game much more than other real time games of this nature because of the aesthetics and the higher level of customization of tribesmen and the island. For the first few days, waking up and checking on your tribe is like Christmas. The trophies are attainable and there are very exciting technologies and buildings for your tribe to unlock. The problem is, however, that there aren't enough things to unlock, and most of the trophies are obtained too quickly. It gets old once there's nothing left to do but keep your tribe alive If the games were cheaper I'd recommend this game because it only provides a couple weeks of entertainment, but it was very fun while it lasted. Would you like to view prices in estimated EUR?

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Hints and Tips for: My Tribe. My Tribe Cheat Codes: Submitted by: RM Rain of stardust: Build and directly demolish the Lunar tower and the Celestial tower after level 3 of construction for a rain of stardust celestial tower and moondust lunar tower. You can repeat this over en over en over. Mystery Magnate Trophy - Celestial Starstone: Use stardust on one person, then drag the person to the Starstone, after that use 3 Stardusts on the stone. It becomes the star beacon, i. Mystery Mastermind Trophy - Celestial Moonstone: Use moondust on one person, then drag the person to the moonstone, after that use 3 moondusts on the stone.


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