If i were president george watsky

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if i were president george watsky

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Published 18.03.2019

Watsky- Ninjas in Paris

Read An Excerpt of 'How to Ruin Everything' By George Watsky

George Watsky is a YouTube slam poet and rapper with a big vocabulary and, sometimes, very poor judgment. He's released a number of albums since his debut in and his online videos have received hundreds of millions of YouTube hits. As of this month, he's a writer, too. For the record, he acknowledges the self-absorption and douchiness of writing a memoir in your twenties. In the excerpt below, Watsky writes about his experience with epilepsy, and how inheriting the disease has affected the way he thinks about his family and his mortality.

George Virden Watsky born September 15, , [1] [2] known professionally as Watsky , is an American hip hop artist, author, and poet from San Francisco, California. Watsky broke out as a rapper with his viral video "Pale kid raps fast" in He has described himself as "half Jewish " on his father's side. Watsky started slam poetry at the age of 15, and has since exploded in popularity to reach a national audience. Watsky's poetry incorporates political and social themes. In , in the midst of a lively performance to a sold-out crowd, Watsky likened politicians' behavior to a common bar pick-up line, and won the night's top score. Reviewing a performance at Brandeis University , Sarah Bayer wrote, "Skinny, quirky George Watsky was next, with the night's most innovative piece.

Okay so there are a ton of options for this paper. Basically an infinite amount of political speeches to choose from, but I always find it makes for a better paper if I am legitimately interested and passionate in the subject I am discussing. So, to start I should list some of my favorite figures, then from there narrow it down to some of their best speeches. From these speeches that I wholly enjoy, I should simply choose the one that makes the most effective use of rhetorical strategies. Then there are some of my favorite politicians, Chris Christie, Barack Obama. Some historical figures would maybe be Woodrow Wilson my favorite president , Theodore Roosevelt my second favorite president , Abraham Lincoln. I only know one speech from Roosevelt, and that is the one that he gives right after taking a bullet to the chest.

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