Political party of harry s truman

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political party of harry s truman

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1956 Democratic Convention President Harry Truman

Harry S.

Harry S. Truman

Political and editorial cartoons have long been a part of the propaganda that influences the masses. Originating during the Protestant Reformation in Germany, this visual indoctrination gave support to the cause of Martin Luther's religious reforms. Because of the high illiteracy rate among the public at the time, these cartoons became known for their straightforward simple pictorial nature. American political cartooning assumed this direct appeal to the masses as well. Tracing its origins to Benjamin Franklin and his cartoons asking for unity during the American Revolution were the first of their kind in the new country. Political cartoons in the United States came in and out of prominence through the early nineteenth century.



Indeed, a public opinion poll taken in December revealed that only 35 percent of those surveyed supported his handling of the presidency. Beginning in , Truman worked assiduously to build support for his candidacy among key segments of the Democratic Party. He repaired his relationship with labor by vetoing the Taft-Hartley bill, courted black Americans by coming out in favor of civil rights, and continued to embrace programs like national health insurance, a higher minimum wage, and a federal housing measure dear to party liberals. Truman's anti-Soviet foreign policy won him support among Americans with roots in Eastern Europe and among anti-communist liberals. His decision in May to recognize the new state of Israel further solidified his relationship with American Jews. Just as important, by , Truman had begun to employ a more relaxed, folksy, and sometimes fiery speaking technique.


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