Summarizing a chapter in a book

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summarizing a chapter in a book

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How can Make Summary -- 5 Important Rule

A Strategy for Summarizing Chapters as a Habit of Mind

A summary is a short overview of the main points of a text. The purpose of a summary is to quickly give the reader or listener an idea of what this material is saying. You may find it helpful to create summaries of your own work, but more often, you will create summaries of material by other authors, such as articles, plays, films, lectures, stories, or presentations. At some point in your classes, you will likely be given an assignment to summarize a specific text, an assignment in which summary is the sole intent. You will also use summaries in more holistic ways, though, incorporating them along with paraphrase, quotation, and your own opinions into more complex pieces of writing. You might summarize for several reasons, both in your time as a student and in your life outside of education. Summaries have several key characteristics.

To decide which details to include in the summary of a book chapter, consider the who, what, when, where, why and how while reading the.
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If you've ever reached the end of a chapter and wondered what you just read, you're not alone. Even with the best intentions, sometimes we just don't understand what the author is telling us or we need a quick recap of the chapter's main points. Either way, a chapter summary can be a helpful tool to help you recall information from a reading passage, chapter or unit. While most textbooks include chapter summaries that give students a condensed version of the material they've just studied, learning to accurately summarize chapters is an important skill for students to have. By identifying key components of the material you want to summarize and compiling the components as concisely as possible, you can write chapter summaries that can make your study time as productive and effective as possible. Identify the portion of your text you'll need to summarize.


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    A chapter summary is a valuable tool that helps you recall the main points from certain parts of a book. While many books include summaries at.

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