Train your brain to be positive

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train your brain to be positive

How to Think Positive: Train Your Brain in Positive, Ultimate Ways to Improve a Bad Day, Get Rid of Negative Thinking, Complain Less and Get Happier, Positive Thinking Secret by Terri Srock

We must make the effort and focus on the positive in life (joy, happiness, love), and anything that makes us feel good and bring good feelings and memories.

The truth we all know that when we are optimistic and positive that good we are, we are glad, happy, our heart is filled with positive energy. So we should discard any thought that does not benefit us, or make us feel happy.

Many celebrities and other famous people talk about their own experiences with positive thinking and how it helped them in their career and life. Here you will see how to use positive thinking to change your life, how to train your brain in positive, ways to complain less and get happier, how to think positively and ways to improve a bad day....

After you read this ebook, you will gain more positive power to face your life, dont hesitate to read it, its very worth for you!
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Train Your Mind ➤ Positive Thinking - Reprogram Your Mind - Emotional Balance

It's been said that humans on average, can have anywhere from to thoughts per day. You can actually train your brain to become.
Terri Srock

5 Ways to Rewire Your Brain to Be Positive

The good part is, you can learn to train your brain to help stay positive when times are tough. Place your journal, a pad and pen or your phone with the gratitude app next to your bed each night. It can be anything from family and work to a good nights rest or the morning sunrise — whatever is positive in your life deserves a little thank you note from your soul. Not everyone gets that opportunity. Staying centered throughout the day will help keep you from being derailed by negative energy that tries to consume your confident, positive attitude. You can find balance in many activities, such as yoga, meditation, deep breathing, walking in nature or any other activity that puts your mind at rest. When you the mind ceases, the soul is allowed to speak.

Our brain is not designed to create happiness, as much as we wish it were so. Our brain evolved to promote survival. This motivates us to keep taking steps that stimulate our happy chemicals. You can end up with a lot of unhappy chemicals in your quest to stimulate the happy ones, especially near the end of a stressful workday. There are a number of reasons why your brain goes negative.

For some of us, unfortunately, those negative thoughts are altogether far too frequent. While some people seem like natural optimists and are always looking on the bright side, many of us struggle to find the good in difficult situations — or even natural situations.
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1. Observe your thoughts.

Did somebody ninjutsu your brain and hypnotize you into thinking something horrible? They come up automatically and they happen.

Whether you realize it or not, the negative experiences you have lived through often influence your decisions. Your brain learns from difficult situations and painful memories, and these experiences get sealed into your brain. Your brain naturally wants to do whatever it can to protect you by avoiding a recurrence of the negative experience. However, continually focusing on the negative can hinder our ability to find the positive and live a happy life. Success is based on recognizing and going after opportunities as they present themselves -- and that often requires having the inner fortitude to take a chance and navigate difficult waters. The more you exude positivity, the better your chances of finding lasting success and happiness.


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