Underground to canada julilly personality

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underground to canada julilly personality

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Underground to Canada by Rachel

Underground to Canada is the story of year-old Julilly's escape from a a character list (identifying those who were real people), a glossary.
Barbara Smucker

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Underground to Canada is an historical novel for young readers by Barbara Smucker. Based partially on a true story, the novel is set in the United States and Canada in the years leading up to the American Civil War and depicts the hard lives of slaves in the American South and the people who helped them escape to Canada via the Underground Railroad. The novel is studied in many Canadian schools. Julilly was born a slave on the Hensen Cotton Plantation in Virginia. Despite this she was happy. This is where Julilly meets Liza an injured girl who needs help to make it to the land of the free- Canada.

Julilly is a healthy black girl slave who is tall, strong, and big for her age. Julilly is about twelve or thirteen years old. Her real name is June Lilly, but people slur the two words together to become Julilly. Julilly's father died from being bitten by a snake on the day she was born. Julilly lived with her mother, Mammy Sally, in the slave cabin of the Hensen plantation until a slave trader from the deep South came and tore her away from her mother. She was sold to the Riley plantation.

Aug 12, In the story: Mammy Sally and Julilly are introduced. They are mother and daughter, slaves that work on a plantation belonging to an old man by the name of Jeb Hensen, where Julilly picks cotton in the fields and her mother Mammy Sally works in the kitchen of The Hensen's household. One night, Mammy Sally took Julilly in her arms and coressed her wanting to tell her information on how to get to freedom, even though Julilly pops the question before she could say anything. She then explains to her daughter about a country named Canada where negros like her go for freedom, its a long journey and people have tried but got caught, others made their way and are now free. She also told her to pray hard for one day both of them will be free. Along to promise her not to tell a soul.

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Underground to Canada. June Lilly Julilly is a 12 year old slave in the novel Underground to Canada. Julilly worked on a plantation in Virginia with her Mammy Sally. Her dad got bitten by a snake and died on the day she was born. Julilly had loved Massa Hensen's plantation and lived there since the day she was born. Julilly was tall for her age and she often had to work like the older women because of her height.




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    June Lilly (Julilly) is a 12 year old slave in the novel Underground to Canada. Julilly worked on a plantation in Virginia with her Mammy Sally. Her dad got bitten.

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    Character Descriptions for Julilly and Liza - Free download as Open Office file . odt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Character Descriptions .

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