Oscar and the lady in pink letter 3

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oscar and the lady in pink letter 3

Oscar et la dame rose by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

This was very entertaining and amusing, yet heart touching and powerful at the same time. Oscar and the lady in pink is a play about a dying little boy and his interactions with his care giver “ the lady in pink” the other sick children in the hospital, and God!

The story is so deep to have made me reflect on my life and my thoughts many times. It made me cry in the inside but laugh a lot as well. Strange combination!

Plays turn out to be my absolute new passion. There are just incredible. Plays are everything!
and though its my first read for Éric Emmanuel Schmitt, I can say without a doubt that he is brilliant
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Published 12.02.2019

OSCAR ET LA DAME ROSE - Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt - Officiële Nederlandse trailer - 2009

Oscar And The Lady In Pink

These are the letters of a boy of ten addressed to God. They are found by 'Mamie Rose', the Lady in Pink of the title, who visits him in hospital in the pink uniform worn by nurses on the children's ward. The letters describe twelve days in the life of Oscar and are filled with funny, moving characters. These twelve days may be his last, but thanks to Mamie Rose, who forms a close and affectionate bond with Oscar, they are to become legendary. As a child I spent a lot of time in hospitals. Not that I was often ill, but I used to accompany my father who worked as a physiotherapist in pediatric hospitals, homes for patients with cerebral palsy, and centres for the deaf and dumb.

The staging, at Rawabet Theater last week, was simple: a bench where Oscar sits and writes, sometimes alone and sometimes with his confidante, Mamma Rose. We already know who Oscar is. We have been introduced in the prologue. A woman sits on the same bench and writes a letter to Ahmed Harara, the activist who lost sight in one eye when he was shot during the first 18 days of the revolution, and who lost sight in his second eye when he was shot during the November clashes on Mohamed Mahmoud Street. A man, who when he returned from France with the news that surgery would not be successful, was met at the airport by hundreds, and with them, seemingly unfazed, chanted for the end of military rule. The woman writes to him, struggling for words.

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Sign in. Alex Borstein , RuPaul , and other stars at the Emmys answer our fans' burning questions. Watch now. Title: Oscar and the Lady in Pink Odette dreams of thanking Balthazar Balsan, her favorite writer, for the optimism which she believes emanates from him.


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    Read Letter 2 from the story Oscar and the lady in Pink by RaisaGatt9 (Raisa Gatt98) with reads. êt, sickness, religion. Dear God,Well done! You are the.. .

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