Percy jackson the lightning thief questions and answers

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percy jackson the lightning thief questions and answers

The Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief quiz: 10 questions by Taylor ♡

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Percy Jackson Answer the web's most search questions

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Percy Jackson Mixture Trivia Questions & Answers : Riordan, Rick

When troubled student Percy Jackson vaporizes his math teacher on a class field trip, he begins to suspect that his life is not what it seems. He discovers that his lifelong reading and attention troubles are all signs that he is a half-blood-a child of the Greek gods. After a summer training session with other demigods and Chiron the centaur, he sets off on a cross-country quest to Los Angeles the entrance to Hades with his friend Grover the faun and Annabeth, a child of Athena, to recover Zeus' lost thunderbolt and stop a war between the gods. Along the way, where modern life and mythology intersect to create both humor and excitement, Percy will come to know his father, Poseidon, rescue his mother, and discover that he has what it takes to be a hero. Ultimately, Percy learns to trust his friends and his abilities and to choose love over despair.

In Chapter 1, what is the name of Percy's school? Where is the school located that Percy mentions in Chapter 1? What month does Percy say that things really got bad? What grade is Percy in when things start to go bad for him? Where is Percy's class on a field trip when things start to go bad? How many kids are on the field trip when things begin to go bad for Percy?

Index Newest Popular Best. Join FunTrivia for Free : Hourly trivia games, quizzes, community, and more! Accuracy : A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible. Related quizzes can be found here: Percy Jackson Mixture Quizzes There are questions on this topic. Last updated Sep 25 Search in topic:. Percy first received the weapon from his instructor, Chiron, to kill a fury that assumed he had the Lightning Bolt.


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