Pandoras box meaning and origin

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pandoras box meaning and origin

Opening Pandoras Box: Phrases We Borrowed from the Classics and the Stories Behind Them by Ferdie Addis

To open Pandoras Box is to get yourself into trouble through unwise curiosity. It has been one of those days. Youve worked like a Trojan, displaying titanic strength and stoic endurance in order to overcome the Herculean labours that have faced you in order to meet that deadline. We regularly employ classically-derived expressions in our everyday language, yet many of us have little understanding of the origin of these common phrases. But an incomplete classical education need no longer be your Achilles heel.

Opening Pandoras Box offers a light-hearted yet fascinating look at the stories behind the expressions. For example, did you know that the phrase the face that launched a thousand ships originates from the story of the kidnapping of Helen of Troy, but the actual line comes from a poem by Christopher Marlowe? Opening Pandoras Box provides a useful introduction to classical mythology as well as giving an insight into our language.
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English: Pandoras Box. What is This expression has its origins in Greek mythology. Zeus The idiom commonly used these days is open a Pandora's Box.
Ferdie Addis

Pandora’s box

Eventually, curiosity overcame her and she opened the box, releasing death, evil, and misery into the world. According to legend, Pandora was the first human woman on Earth. Pandora was also given another very special gift: a box. She was told that the box contained even more offerings but that she must never, ever open it. Her curiosity eventually got the better of her, however, and Pandora opened the box. When she did, she quickly realized it contained illness, hardship, trouble and pain — not the beautiful gifts she had expected! Pandora tried to close the box and stop the suffering from going out into the world, but it was too late.

The god Prometheus stole fire from heaven to give to the human race, which originally consisted only of men. To punish humanity, the other gods created the first woman, the beautiful Pandora. As a gift, Zeus gave her a box, which she was told never to open. However, as soon as he was out of sight she took off the lid, and out swarmed all the troubles of the world, never to be recaptured. Only Hope was left in the box, stuck under the lid. Anything that looks ordinary but may produce unpredictable harmful results can thus be called a Pandora's box.

It refers to a process which, once began, results in many unforeseen problems which were previously covered up. Want to see more videos from Idioms. Subscribe to our YouTube channel!
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English : Pandoras Box

Top definition. According to Greek legend, the first woman, Pandora, was actually sent as a curse to Zues' men See, you knew it was true, guys and was given a present upon her marriage. The present was a box that she was told never to open. Needless to say her curiosity got the better of her like eating forbidden fruit and she unleashed eight demons unto the world. The first seven being the seven deadly sins, and the last, which she managed to capture, was hope. Today, much like christianity's idea of biting forbidden fruit, opening pandora's box refers to getting into a situation over which one has very little control over.

People have always wanted to know why things happen in the world the way they do. Before there was much science, they did not have much understanding of how the world works, but they still wanted to know, just as much as we do. Human curiosity always asks why.. There are many myths, across all cultures, which attempt to explain the beginnings of human beings and why there are evil things like disease, hate and war in the world. In many stories, these evils are released because humans disobey gods. You may like to compare the story of Pandora with the story of Adam and Eve. Do you know any other similar stories from other cultures?

Ancient Greeks used this myth not only to instruct themselves about the weaknesses of humans, but also to explain several misfortunes of the human race. Pandora was, according to the myth, the first woman on Earth. Pandora was created as a punishment to the mankind; Zeus wanted to punish people because Prometheus stole the fire to give it to them. Her gifts were beautifully evil, according to Hesiod. Hephaestus created her from clay, shaping her perfectly, Aphrodite gave her femininity and Athena taught her crafts. Hermes was ordered by Zeus to teach her to be deceitful, stubborn and curious.


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