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robbie and julie room to improve

Journey to the Highlands (Clan Grant, #4) by Keira Montclair

I have read every book Keira Montclair has written it seems as soon as I notice she has a new book out I cant wait to get my hands on it. There will be parts I love, parts I roll my eyes but whatever my reaction the book does not get laid down. I did try to savor this book a little longer than I usually do, mainly because it was a hard book for me to read.

If youve never read a KM book before her h are usually written as coming from an abusive past. This one takes things a step further IMO. Caralyn Crauford is fighting to protect her two young daughters from the Norsemen who are attacking her village. Desperation forces her to send her daughters on ahead to hide as she tries to draw them in another direction. Her plan works but creates another problem when she is caught and being drug towards the coastline and finds herself looking at several men whooping in excitement from a ship.

She is saved by Captain Robbie Grant, brother of Laird Alex Grant. He brings her back to the camp and discovers she has two young lassies hiding and awaiting her return. The biggest disturbing thing I felt from this story was that our h is not bothered by standing in the middle of a large group of soldiers in a transparent shift. She has been so overused that she no longer cares if a man uses her body. She makes several references that she knows what men want. It painted Caralyn in an ugly light for me.

She has been trapped in this dark world for the past 5 years after the death of her husband. She claims to not know love but yet she had a good relationship with her father. He taught her how to fish and she met her husband fishing. Her mother, on the other hand, taught her that only whores enjoy making love. The villain is a disgusting ingrate that takes note of her desperate situation to feed her daughter Ashlyn and uses it to get what he wants. This is when the book got really dark. *************************SPOILER*********************************************

Malcolm informs her that he can insure her daughter is fed but in return she is to service him and his friends. One of the men are her youngest daughters father, she doesnt know which one. I found it hard to believe that such a cruel, unfeeling man would have allowed her to carry the baby full term. I was angry with Robbie because he is made aware that Malcolm is not a good man and is looking for her but he follows his duties instead. I realize it is in his character to be a warrior first but I didnt like the direction this took the author. Caralyn and her daughters have been left at a priory and she is having a wet dream about Robbie when she is woken up by Malcolm. He has found her and proceeds to reacquaint himself with her. I did not like that and felt it took the book too dark.

He uses her daughters against her to hold her in place. They are kept separate from one another and she has no choice but to service him whenever he desires. It was hard to read this part and I felt myself wanting to put it down for a while. Robbie does come to her rescue but I felt like he got there too late. You feel the feelings between the two but then the author tarnishes it with this man repeatedly using her. Understand that these moments were not written in detail except for the moment at the priory when Malcolm cant keep his hands or mouth to himself. It wasnt sexy to me but gross.

Even after Malcolms defeated the darkness still hovers over them. Caralyn has such a low opinion of herself and will not allow herself to be happy with Robbie. I wish she would have skipped some months and let us see the couple as a happy, loving couple. Instead we are taken on another journey in which Robbie separates her from her girls again forcing her to realize her true potential. More drama is added when Caralyns youngest, Gracie, becomes catatonic and no one knows why.

The only thing that saved the story for me was the girls. Gracie is 2 and does not talk or like any man in the beginning but after meeting Robbie she feels safe with him and Ashlyn who is 8 is like a little mother. They are given hope thanks to the Grant clan and it made me hopeful but there was too many dark moments in the book to feel like she was truly saved. The side couple in the book is Caralyns friend Gwyneth was drugged and taken to Norsemens boat. She is taken to the priory by Tomas, Robbie and a friend Logan. She is very spirited and seeks revenge against the man who drugged her. Logan and her do nothing but argue but when he learns shes left the Grant Castle to seek her vengeance Logan takes off after her. This leads you to believe that they are the next installment in the series.

My patience was challenged in this book and I am hesitant to try the next book. If the direction the author seeks is to write of a woman being forced to comply I do not want to follow. If her h is written as a stronger more confident woman that is trying to put her past behind her and finds love that is a different story.
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'Room to Improve' Winner Best Factual Programme at IFTA Gala TV Awards 2018


But if standing on a stepladder is what it takes to demonstrate my contrition, then stand on a stepladder I shall. What can I say? This is not a state of affairs that is going to change in the foreseeable future. But still. Maybe Room to Improve has never hit such giddily entertaining heights before and is destined never to do so again. Dermot may be a hugely successful architect and television personality, yet he has a face custom-built for melancholy, disappointment and disenchantment.

It usually starts like most rom-coms, Bannon meets client, they really click! Make such great plans together, but the client usually has some baggage that gets in their way, you really think things are going to fall apart for them. However, in the final moments, everything comes together beautifully, and the client lives happily ever after.
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Room to Improve returns and in episode one Dermot battles hard for a white kitchen while owners Robbie and Julie opt for grey. The man is an elfin folk legend and the only way to deter him from renovating your home is to run around it backwards reciting lines from Bungalow Bliss. At this point, Dermot wanders off to meet his new quantity surveyor. Her name is Lisa and Dermot wants to check how good she is with animal metaphors. Sad music plays as Dermot informs Robbie and Julie that they can only afford two bedrooms not their desired three bedrooms, a turret and a moat, and for some reason no one thinks of just getting Mexico to pay for it.

With it brought Robbie and his partner Julie who wanted to renovate a cottage they bought in Malahide. They were working with Dermot Bannon to give the cottage a new lease of life. While we all know Dermot, Robbie was also familiar to viewers but people couldn't figure out how they knew him. Was the fella in roomtoimprove the lorry driver for nidge in Love hate?? As well as the AIG ad? Is the guy in roomtoimprove the guy from that insurance ad? Then low and behold, what advert played during the break in the show?


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