Signs and symptoms of als

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signs and symptoms of als

Lou Gehrig Disease, ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis explained. ALS symptoms, signs, stages, types, diagnosis, treatment, caregiver tips, aids and what to expect all covered. by Robert Rymore

The author, Robert Rymore, had a good friend who was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig Disease. He wanted to be able to help her and decided to buy some books about the disease. To his disappointment there was a lack of good informative books available on the subject. He decided to investigate the subject thoroughly and write a book about it to be able to help others.
He decided he would start talking to professionals – doctors, physical therapists, speech therapists and occupational therapists – to learn more. He quickly realized the information he was getting would be extremely valuable for other people with ALS and their loved ones.
This book has been a labor of love, one born of necessity and certainly one that aims to help those with ALS, their families, and their friends.
ALS symptoms, signs, stages, types, diagnosis, treatment, caregiver tips, aids and what to expect is all covered. Including chapters about financial considerations, famous people with Lou Gehrig Disease and resources.
The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style and contains tips for caregivers.
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PLS Patient Christine Moretti Explains Why She Thought She Had ALS

Will you find ways to support 30 Days of Strength?
Robert Rymore

Early Symptoms of ALS/MND

Will you find ways to support 30 Days of Strength? ALS is a relentlessly progressive disorder. The rate of progression between individuals is variable and the history generally reflects gradual and progressive worsening over time until death occurs. Skip to main content. Search MDA. I Will Donate Today. Search Donate.

Symptoms are what you experience or feel, whereas signs are what can be seen or measured. Symptoms and signs of ALS, and the order in which they occur, vary from one person to another. In the early stages, they may seem trivial or be dismissed as normal signs of aging. Over time, the muscle weakening will continue to spread throughout the body, eventually causing difficulties with breathing, chewing, swallowing and speaking. The senses of sight, touch, hearing, taste and smell are usually not affected, and for many people, muscles of the eyes and bladder remain functional until very late in the disease.

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The initial symptoms of ALS can be quite varied in different people. One person may have trouble grasping a pen or lifting a coffee cup, while another person may experience a change in vocal pitch when speaking. ALS is typically a disease that involves a gradual onset. The rate at which ALS progresses can be quite variable from one person to another. Although the mean survival time with ALS is three to five years, many people live five, 10 or more years. Symptoms can begin in the muscles that control speech and swallowing or in the hands, arms, legs or feet. Not all people with ALS experience the same symptoms or the same sequences or patterns of progression.

ALS is often called Lou Gehrig's disease, after the baseball player who was diagnosed with it. Doctors usually don't know why ALS occurs. Some cases are inherited. ALS often begins with muscle twitching and weakness in a limb, or slurred speech. Eventually, ALS affects control of the muscles needed to move, speak, eat and breathe. There is no cure for this fatal disease. Signs and symptoms of ALS vary greatly from person to person, depending on which neurons are affected.


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