On a wing and a prayer

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on a wing and a prayer

On a Wing and a Prayer: The Untold Story of the Pioneering Aviation Heroes of WWI, in Their Own Words by Joshua Levine

Few are aware of the risks that the pioneering airmen of World War I took. This oral history conveys the perils of those early days, the thrills of learning to fly, and the horrors of war in the air at a time when pilots carried little defensive armament and no parachutes. The men who joined the Royal Flying Corps in 1914 were the original heroes of flying, treading into unknown territory and paving the way for later aerial combat. They became icons for the soldiers in the trenches, and a stark contrast to the hundreds on the ground fighting faceless hundreds as men fought aircraft to aircraft and man to man—for the first time the air became a battlefield of its own. In 1914 aircraft were a questionable technology, used for only basic reconnaissance. But by 1918, hastened by the terrible war, aircraft were understood to be the future of modern warfare. The war changed flying forever. The Wright brothers achievements of a mere 10 years earlier and Blériots crossing of the Channel just a few years before the war seemed a distant memory as aircraft became killing machines—the war becoming the ancestor of the fearsome air wars of later years. The stories are presented to the reader in a frank and open way, revealing the feelings of the men who defended the trenches from above and witnessed the war from a completely different perspective. These first-hand accounts tell the almost totally unknown tale of men who rewrote the rules of military engagement and changed the course of modern history as a result.
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Wing and a Prayer

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Joshua Levine

What Does On a Wing and a Prayer Mean?

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Q From On a wing and a prayer : What does on a wing and a prayer mean? Congratulations on getting it right. Anyone who can write it that way is surely too young to know that it comes from a famous American World War Two patriotic song, with words by Harold Adamson and music by Jimmy McHugh. It tells the tale of a plane struggling home after a bombing raid:. The song came out at the end of and instantly became a huge hit on both sides of the Atlantic, so much so that the phrase almost immediately entered the language.

6 days ago on a wing and a prayer definition: If you do something on a wing and a prayer, you do it hoping that you will succeed, although you.
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on a wing and a prayer

In a difficult situation, relying on meagre resources and luck to get out of it. This phrase originated during WWII. The earliest reference that I can find to it is in the film The Flying Tigers. The screenplay, which was written by Kenneth Gamet and Barry Trivers, has John Wayne's character Captain Jim Gordon says this in a reference to the flight of replacement pilots:. Gordon : Any word on that flight yet?

This expression originated during World War II. It appeared in a film called The Flying Tigers in the year One of the pilots in the military had lost one wing of his plane, so he was trying to land using only one wing and a prayer. This same expression appeared in a patriotic song showing how determined soldiers were—even when the possibility of success seemed low. The first dialogue shows a brother and sister discussing a car that the brother is building. Ella: Really?


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    What's the meaning of the phrase 'On a wing and a prayer'?. In a difficult situation , relying on meagre resources and luck to get out of it.

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