Linking expertise and naturalistic decision making

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linking expertise and naturalistic decision making

Linking Expertise and Naturalistic Decision Making by Eduardo Salas

This book contains selected papers presented at the 1998 conference on Naturalistic Decision Making (NDM). The objectives of the conference were to:
*make American researchers more aware of NDM research being conducted abroad, particularly in Europe;
*connect NDM research with work in management and industry, to stretch beyond the military and paramilitary focus; and
*formulate a more explicit connection between NDM and expertise.
These objectives are reflected in the chapters of this volume.
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Published 27.01.2019

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Linking Expertise and Naturalistic Decision Making

We are pleased to say that the field of Naturalistic Decision Making NDM continues to grow and mature as an applied psychological science. More than a decade has gone by since the birth of this movement, and it is clear that progress has been made in many ways. There are more theoretical frameworks, and new constructs are emerging. A wider range of studies are empirical, and better methods are being designed and tested. This is not to say that we are satisfied that the field has reached a mature level of methods and models. Nonetheless, there has been movement in the right direction. We are happy to document the progress in this book.

The naturalistic decision making NDM framework emerged as a means of studying how people make decisions and perform cognitively complex functions in demanding, real-world situations. These include situations marked by limited time, uncertainty, high stakes, team and organizational constraints, unstable conditions, and varying amounts of experience. Decision researchers had conducted experiments and developed models for decades prior to the emergence of NDM in The first NDM researchers went against the norm because instead of beginning with formal models of decision making, they began by conducting field research to try to discover the strategies people used. Instead of looking for ways that people were suboptimal, they wanted to find out how people were able to make tough decisions under difficult conditions. The NDM framework focuses on cognitive functions such as decision making , sensemaking , situational awareness , and planning — which emerge in natural settings and take forms that are not easily replicated in the laboratory.

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Please take this quick survey to tell us about what happens after you publish a paper. Naturalistic decision making NDM research has developed over the past three decades to become a mainstream applied research paradigm. NDM models, tools and techniques have been applied in domains as diverse as aviation and aerospace, banking, energy production and distribution, defence, ground transportation, nuclear, manufacturing, maritime, medicine, oil and gas, and rail Gore et al. NDM methodologies have moved from focussing on individuals to now also working at the level of entire systems, the constraints shaping behaviour and the culture of organisations. The aim of this special issue is to provide researchers and practitioners with an opportunity to present and discuss contemporary, forecasted, and required paradigm shifts for NDM. Much of the work included in this special issue was previously presented at the bi-annual NDM conference series, however, for the purposes of our call for papers we also invited researchers from all disciplines and all countries to contribute.

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