Friend and biographer of samuel johnson

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friend and biographer of samuel johnson

The Life of Samuel Johnson by James Boswell

Poet, lexicographer, critic, moralist and Great Cham, Dr. Johnson had in his friend Boswell the ideal biographer.

Notoriously and self-confessedly intemperate, Boswell shared with Johnson a huge appetite for life and threw equal energy into recording its every aspect in minute but telling detail. This irrepressible Scotsman was always studying human nature and making experiments, and the marvelously vivacious Journals he wrote daily furnished him with first-rate material when he came to write his biography.

The result is a masterpiece that brims over with wit, anecdote and originality. Hailed by Macaulay as the best biography ever written and by Carlyle as a book beyond any other product of the eighteenth century, The Life of Samuel Johnson today continues to enjoy its status as a classic of the language.

This shortened version is based on the 1799 edition, the last in which the author had a hand.

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Answers for the friend and biographer of 18th century writer samuel johnson (5,7) crossword clue. Search for crossword clues found in the Daily Celebrity, NY.
James Boswell

A Biography of William Samuel Johnson (1727-1819)

Samuel Johnson, LL. September 7, [1] — December 13, , often referred to simply as Dr. Johnson , was an English poet, essayist, lexicographer, biographer, and iconic literary critic. Although his literary output is relatively meager—he wrote only one novel, one play, and only a small volume of poems—his intellectual breadth and contributions as a public man of letters were so imposing that the late eighteenth century is often termed the Age of Johnson. Johnson, more than any other author in English up to his time, became a public figure of tremendous fame and influence; he was perhaps the first author-celebrity in the English-speaking world.

Since the late 18th century James Boswell has been famous for writing " The Life of Johnson ", an epic biography of his friend Samuel Johnson The biography, published in , set new standards for biography writing and drew heavily on Boswell's own amazing memory and notes, benefiting from his long habit of keeping a detailed journal, as well as on meticulous research, collection of material, correspondence with Johnson's friends and acquaintances, etc. During the s and s, researchers discovered large amounts of Boswell's own letters, journals and notes otherwise thought to have been destroyed within a few decades of Boswell's death in Most of these papers found their way to Yale University, which began publishing these them in under the general editorship of Frederick Pottle. This led to Boswell becoming famous for something other than the biography of his friend, namely his frank and detailed journals.

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The friend and biographer of 18th Century writer Samuel Johnson

But Johnson and Savage were friends - intimate friends - in London for about two years in the s. In those dark days in the city, dark for them both in many senses, the position was almost exactly reversed.

Johnson , was an English writer who made lasting contributions to English literature as a poet, playwright, essayist, moralist, literary critic , biographer, editor, and lexicographer. He was a devout Anglican. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography describes Johnson as "arguably the most distinguished man of letters in English history". Born in Lichfield , Staffordshire, Johnson attended Pembroke College, Oxford , for just over a year, but a lack of funds forced him to leave. After working as a teacher, he moved to London, where he began to write for The Gentleman's Magazine.

Samuel Johnson , byname Dr. Johnson , born September 18, , Lichfield, Staffordshire , England—died December 13, , London , English critic, biographer, essayist, poet, and lexicographer, regarded as one of the greatest figures of 18th-century life and letters. For future generations, Johnson was synonymous with the later 18th century in England. The disparity between his circumstances and achievement gives his life its especial interest. Samuel Johnson was the son of Michael Johnson, a bookseller, and his wife, Sarah. From childhood he suffered from a number of physical afflictions.

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