Spice and wolf episode 13

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spice and wolf episode 13

狼と香辛料 XIII Side Colors III by Isuna Hasekura

The last of the short story collections in this series - so far.
I will be honest and say I had some misgivings about starting it, as the last one was rather dry and I had such troubles getting through it, but I gave it a shot, and Im glad I did!

I think this Side Colors is the strongest one of the three so far. The relationship between Holo and Lawrence is established and it is clear the author both believe in it, and knows it well.
I am honestly glad I read these stories, even the one about Norah.

Here follows the individual reviews for each story.


One of the cuter shorts for this series. It helps that at this point the relatiobship between Holo and Lawrence has really kicked of but is still new!

Also, did they or did they not get the preserves? And where can I find some? Even if it sounds too sweet, I want to taste it now



This was both a sad and a cute one. I like the way the relationship between Lawrence and Holo has evolved, and these little scenes from their daily life are so adorable



Yay! Another story told from Holos POV, and this time set during the main arc so we get to see her thoughts about Lawrence.

If I thought the other shorts in this collection were cute, they were nothing compared to this one. Both fun and serious all at once, and saying so much about their relationship and Holos character



I had some doubts regarding this story as it didnt contain Holo and was rather long, but im the end it was ok. I do feel that the story is currently unfinished, though.
Im also a bit annoyed at the fact that the author has given Enek much of Holos personality, when I think there are more original ways he could have taken, but it was fun getting inside his head!


Time to get on to the next book in the series!

EDIT: Ive seen one reviewer mentioning that the author is diminishing Holos knowledge in some of these shorts to make her seem cuter and give Lawrence an upper hand. While I agree that I wish Holo had figured it out on her own, I must also point out that how can you figure something out when you dont have all the pieces? In that sense, I do not doubt that Holo didnt solve the puzzle before the end of the story, and so the author didnt diminish her knowledge.
Im not saying this to call out the other reviewer, but because it got me thinking about the story in a new way, and I wanted to share my thoughts on it.
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Spice and Wolf Episode 15 English Dubbed

Sign in. Lawrence participates in the pyrite market, selling small quantities several times to combat the rapidly rising prices, but to no avail.
Isuna Hasekura

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Wolf and a New Beginning is the thirteenth and final episode of the first season of Spice and Wolf. Lawrence burns the ropes binding him and reunites with Holo. She refuses to tell him what she did to placate the wolves' wrath, and then chides him again for being too nice and protecting her clothes instead of running away on his own. After being told of Liebert's betrayal, Holo changes into her true form. With Lawrence riding on her back, she catches up with their betrayers and Nora, who is still oblivious about the betrayal and their plan to murder her. Holo routs the men and captures Liebert, who reveals that Remerio betrayed them at the very beginning because the payout for the three would be too much. After punching his lights out, Lawrence tells Nora that he will entrust the gold to her and it is her decision to whether to continue with the plan or not.

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[Spoilers] Spice and Wolf Rewatch: Episode 13 [Discussion]. We're finally at the end of the first season, and Lawrence, getting his head kicked in for the last
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Spice and Wolf

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Holo, bound to a nearby town by an old promise to ensure good harvest, escapes with Lawrence when the townspeople stopped believing in her. Lawrence takes her north toward her homeland, Yoitsu, and she helps him with his business transactions in return. The first season of the anime aired between January 9 and March 26, on the Chiba TV Japanese television network, [3] and was later released on six DVD compilation volumes, each containing two episodes, though the first compilation contains three episodes. In an interview by Darren Kwok, author Isuna Hasekura laid to rest speculation regarding the release of a third season. Two pieces of theme music are used for each season: one opening theme and one ending theme. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.



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