Chip and dale rescue rangers opening

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chip and dale rescue rangers opening

Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers: Worldwide Rescue by Ian Brill

Rescue Rangers Away!

Disneys greatest furry flatfoots return in a globetrotting, action-packed adventure. Join Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monterey Jack and Zipper as they investigate an unknown force causing the worlds animal population to go berserk. Its a cause that will push the Rescue Rangers to their limits when one of the Rangers own is found keeping secrets from the rest of the team. Can they get to the bottom of this global mystery or will dissent in the ranks tear the Rangers apart forever? Find out as the Disney Afternoon Revolution continues with the biggest Rescue Rangers adventure ever told in WORLDWIDE RESCUE!
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Chip 'N' Dale's Rescue Rangers Theme Song

Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers

The series aired a preview episode on August 27 , and then premiered on the Disney Channel on March 4 , It technically premiered with a two-hour movie, Rescue Rangers: To the Rescue , which was later broken up into a five-part pilot and aired as the opening of the second season. The show's theme song words and music were written by pop music songwriter Mark Mueller , who also wrote the theme song for DuckTales and produced by Alf Clausen. Both songs were performed by Jeff Pescetto. The series premiered in syndication in the fall of

The "meta" adaptation could end up on Disney+ or in theaters

Everybody already knows that Thursdays are forever dedicated to acknowledging a good blast from the past, and today, Disney decided to get involved. But they took it in a different direction that was much more creative and epic. Are you surprised? The Mickey Mouse company took to Twitter today to share an amazing minute-long video of a live-action recreation of the Chip 'N' Dale intro With the help of some set design, dolls and a whole lot of creativity, they were able to master the opening of the famous Rescue Rangers animated TV show from the late'80s and early '90s. Dale, cutest rangers! Live-Action Disney.

This is nuts! Disney re-creates one of the catchiest cartoon theme songs with real chipmunks. Only these critters have exciting adventures without wearing the cute outfits. Check out the opening credits of the "Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers" theme song reenacted by actual chipmunks munching on nuts , being chased by a stuffed crocodile and attempting to solve crimes. The video is so endearing, we kind of wish Disney would actually release new episodes of the show with these real-life animals.


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