Fun facts about helen keller

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fun facts about helen keller

Helen Keller For Kids Book: Fun Facts About The Accomplishments & Life Of Helen Keller by Jacob Smith

Childrens author Jacob Smith presents: Helen Keller For Kids Book: Fun Facts About The Accomplishments & Life Of Helen Keller. This informative kids book includes well chosen words & great pictures to help children learn more about one of the worlds most beloved and inspirational women, Helen Keller.

Aside from the interesting facts and images Mr Smith presents in his Helen Keller For Kids Book he also covers some interesting insights about Helen Kellers background, what caused her blindness, how she coped growing up, her accomplishments, how she inspired people all over the world, and much more.

The pictures within this book are accompanied by small bits of easy to understand text while making it an exciting read about The life of Helen Keller. Therefore, Helen Keller For Kids is a great educational book for kids ages 8 years and older (or for parents that want to read this book with their children).

Currently set at a wonderfully low promotional price, this book on Helen Keller For Kids can be easily downloaded from the Amazon Kindle Store by any young readers that love to read on their own, as well as by parents who will read to younger children that are still learning to read.
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Helen Keller Biography: Beating Incredible Odds

We've dug a little deeper on Helen Keller's story to share with you some lesser known facts about this remarkable woman. You would all know the story of Helen Keller, the well known writer, political activist and pioneer for people with disability. These days her illness probably would have been labelled Scarlet Fever or Meningitis — both which could now be treated, but back then they often had severe consequences.
Jacob Smith

Helen Keller | 10 Interesting Facts On The Deaf-Blind Icon

Skip to content Skip to section navigation. Seven fascinating facts you probably didn't know about Helen Keller Helen Keller was world-famous as an author and activist. But did you know she had a secret love interest? Helen Keller and Mark Twain were great friends until his death. February 9, She worked the vaudeville circuit.

Johnson in Helen was an excellent typist. She could use a standard typewriter as well as a braille writer. Helen loved animals, especially dogs. She owned a variety of dogs throughout her life. Helen Keller was the first deaf and blind person to earn a college degree. She graduated from Radcliffe College, with honors, in

In honor of her birthday, here are 10 things you might not know about Helen Keller. Keller was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama on June 27, Her father, Arthur Keller, had worked as a lawyer in Alabama before enlisting in the Confederate Army. During the Civil War, he served as a private, quartermaster-sergeant, and paymaster. After the war, he bought and became editor of The North Alabamian , a weekly local newspaper. She recognized the author by his scent, as he often reeked of tobacco. Twain even gave Keller a blurb for her autobiography, which she wrote at age

#1. A childhood illness took Helen’s sight and hearing

Helen Keller was an American writer and speaker. She was born in Tuscumbia, Alabama in When she was nineteen months old she became sick and lost her eyesight and hearing. The doctor didn't know what it was, so he called it a "congestion of the stomach and brain. She was an obedient and good girl. When Helen was seven years old, her family decided to find a teacher for her. They asked him to help them find a teacher for their daughter.

Toggle navigation. Keller and Kate Adams. She was born with both her sight and hearing, but when she was approximately one and a half years old she became very ill and lost both her sight and hearing. It is unclear as to whether it was meningitis or scarlet fever. When Helen Keller was six her mother sought help and was referred to Alexander Graham Bell, who then referred them to the Perkins Institute for the Blind.


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