Best books about mothers and daughters

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best books about mothers and daughters

Popular Mothers and Daughters Fiction Books

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Published 15.01.2019

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10 Books About Mothers And Daughters To Read With Your Mom

But the experiences were more than visceral. My debut novel, A River of Stars , examines motherhood, immigration, and identity through the lens of a pregnant Chinese woman who makes her way to California to stake a claim to the American dream. Fierce, funny, and unforgettable, mother Elsie and daughter Luljeta attempt to make their way in a world that circumscribes them again and again. Their double, working-class coming-of-age stories resonate with each other. But secrets will also tear their world apart, in this story told in a lush, distinctive voice. A deeply engrossing memoir about adoption and motherhood and the meaning of family. A big-hearted novel with a multigenerational cast that centers around a Chinese restaurant famed for its Peking duck.

Of all human relationships, the mother-daughter one is perhaps the most complicated and unique. Mothers tend to view their daughters through a prism of shared history. Yet, as they grow, daughters become their own person with a locked vault of secrets that are completely inaccessible to their mothers, making for a rich spectrum of trauma and emotions for authors to draw from. Here are some of my favorite books that cover the complexity of mother-daughter relationships, from love to loss, anger to blame, jealousy to adoration. After Kate dies, Ellen is accused of murdering her in a mercy killing. Masterfully and elegantly told with vivid characterizations, this novel is a touching portrayal of the complex undercurrents of the mother-daughter relationship, showing Ellen as she gets to intimately know her mother as more than just a clever homemaker, which completely shifts her view of her father, herself, and her entire life. I was so fascinated by the relationship between Marmee and the four March girls as a child that for a brief spell I began calling my own mother Marmee.

This list of books about mother-daughter relationships is sponsored by The Cactus by Sarah Haywood. She is losing control. No two dynamics are the same, and even in the presence of big love, myriad complex emotions often accompany this unique and important bond. Here are ten great reads on mother-daughter relationships in all of their beautiful, complicated, multi-layered glory. Author Peggy Orenstein is a journalist who had built a career writing about girls and women when she learned she was pregnant with a daughter. Turns out this is quite the undertaking.

7 Unforgettable Books About Mothers and Daughters

Whether you've started your own book club or just want an unofficial shared reading experience, I've got 10 new books about mothers and daughters for you to read with your mom. No matter what genres you like, there's something on this list for every book nerd and her mother to enjoy. -





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