Poems about the end of a journey

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poems about the end of a journey

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Published 15.01.2019

'End Song': a poem's journey from initial idea to print on a published page Part 3

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The poems in this book are, thematically, grouped into five sets. The first set of three poems, labelled "Libation," are basically a prayer and they set the stage for what follows. The poems in Part 2, subtitled "On Wings of Song The Muse and I ," are mostly love poems which express sentiments with which many readers will be able to identify. The subtitle of the poems in Part 3 is "Home Affairs. These normal human experiences are expressed so vividly and with such poignancy that the reader is left feeling that the poet has indeed spoken for him.

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Prev Poem. Next Poem. I was very touched. My son is also in prison for a stupid incident because of his ex-wife of 20 years and his best friend. He is nearing time for parole. He has nearly spent 4 years of an Read complete story.


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