Quotes about best friends baby

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quotes about best friends baby

Best Friends Quotes (279 quotes)

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Published 15.01.2019

Rex Orange County - Best Friend [Lyrics]

Best friends quote with baby picture

My best friend is expecting her first baby. I'm pretty excited because the idea of mini versions of us running around together is pretty all-time. Having your first baby is a big deal. And your bestie having her first baby is extra amazing because you get all the joy and cuddles of a delicious newborn bubble of squishiness to fall in love with, without the episiotomy. This pleases me. On thinking about my BFF's upcoming life-changing event, there's so much I want to say to her. But sometimes when you want to say something so important, the words just don't come.

Dear Baby S,

It is almost funny how babies are unable to talk or to move, yet they easily attract all the attention and love wherever they appear. Although they are dependent on adults, babies make the adults feel like they are the ones who make the rules. There are few things as sweet as witnessing how a baby goes through its growth stages and finds his personality. Check out these quotes that dwell on the joys and troubles of taking care of a baby. With their cute smiles and giggles, they turn all our lives upside down, yet we are thankful for it.


  1. Denise B. says:

    To my pregnant best friend—you're going to be an amazing mama - Motherly

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