Poems about struggling through life

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poems about struggling through life

Quarter Life Poetry: Poems for the Young, Broke and Hangry by Samantha Jayne

The creator of the popular Tumblr and Instagram Quarter Life Poetry tackles the real-life truths of work, money, sex, and many other challenges 20-somethings face in a laugh-out-loud collection of poetry.

Samantha Jayne knows that life post-college isnt as glamorous as all undergrads think its going to be... because shes currently living it. A graphic artist, Sam started creating doodles and funny poems about her life as a 25-year-old. And when she decided to put them on Instagram, the captions were full of other people tagging friends and saying, This is literally us. At a time where it seems like everyone around you is getting married, making more money than you do, and paying off their student loans, Sams poetry captures the voice of millennials everywhere who know that being in your 20s can sometimes be the exact opposite of the best years of your life.
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Published 14.01.2019

I Quit

The adolescent years are turbulent and unsettled. Poems by teens can be so dark that it may be painful for others to read.
Samantha Jayne

I Want to Climb

These poems about life include many views and values that we share in life. Personally, I think it's important for each person to love life and also be grateful at the same time. This type of attitude will allow us to live full and meaningful lives, that are filled with joy and happiness. In order for us to lead fulfilled and happy lives, we all need to remain positive even during the tough times. It's also nice if we are fortunate enough to spend and celebrate life with supportive and loving family and friends.

What makes you happy?

English poem about life struggle - trough it all #puisi3

Words that make us feel heard and understood, that acknowledge our pain and how heavy life can feel. And sometimes we also need to get put back together again; to be reminded of the ways we can get through this, how we have overcome, and how, despite it all, life gives us hope. Let this collection of poems about life help you feel heard, comforted, and give voice to whatever hurts or heals right now. I walk in the dark and trip and fall and get up and step blindly on the mute stones and dry leaves and someone behind me is also walking: if I stop, he stops; if I run, he runs. I turn around: no one. Everything is black, there is no exit, and I turn and turn corners that always lead to the street where no one waits for me, no one follows, where I follow a man who trips and gets up and says when he sees me: no one.

Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Alyssa Underwood Jul Wrestling at Peniel. It's at the point of desperation that the soul finds its deepest desire, and in that desire lies everything of which true life is made. If I would simply receive all He offers me and let Him fill me up I would have no room in my hands to hold onto anything else. But how often it is that we won't receive it until everything else is lost.


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