Fun facts about andre the giant

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fun facts about andre the giant

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Published 14.01.2019

10 Things You Didn't Know About Andre The Giant

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Andre the Giant. But for those of us who are a tad bit older, we remember him looking crazy scary in those one-piece bathing suit getups in Wrestlemania and acting as Inconceivable! But Andre the Giant had a lot more interesting moments in pop culture history. To remember the larger-than-life star we asked big-time wrestling fan Brown to dive into his research and dig up some fascinating facts about Andre—from his little known wrestling secrets to how he rescued Cyndi Lauper sort of… Read on for more! He also appeared in the movie Conan The Destroyer. Both were in huge venues and a long walk down to the ring was tough on Andre. He even owned a French restaurant in Montreal called Le Picher.

In the world of wrestling, Andre the Giant's legacy looms large (no pun intended). We've assembled these facts for those who don't know much about this man.
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Andre The Giant always wanted to see a show on Broadway, but never attended one because he was concerned about blocking the view of others. His father passed 12 days before. Andre The Giant once drank beers in a hotel bar, passed out in the lobby, and, because he was so large, no one could move him until he woke up. Perfect and The Ultimate Warrior. Andre the Giant drank 7, calories worth of booze every day. His hands were so large that one would entirely cover the top of her head.


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