No one thinks about me

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no one thinks about me

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Published 14.01.2019

Giles Corey - No one is ever going to want me

Sad does not do my feelings justice. Neither does frustrated.

Read This When You Feel Like Nobody Cares

Sometimes, it's easy to feel that nobody cares about you. Even the most popular and famous people have doubts about whether or not people close to them actually care. Learn how to overcome these moments of doubt, and value yourself for who you are. If you often feel worthless or unloved, take steps to improve your life. Counselor Paul Chernyak reminds us: "Be proactive and start inviting people to join you.

In fact, no one really cares about you. Sure, you have family and a few great friends. They will take particular interest in various parts of your life, helping you when needed. When properly understood, this is incredibly freeing and valuable. Early in my career, the fear of failure drove most of my decisions. How would I look? What would people think?

Feeling lost and unwanted — like no one cares about you — is surprisingly normal! Every human being, no matter how loved or happy they seem, feels like nobody cares at some point in their lives. If you feel abandoned and rejected, trust that you are not alone in those feelings.
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Let Go of the Past

So you're sad all the time and don't want to do stuff. It's actually way more complicated than that. Thanks to a plethora of misinformation about what depression actually is, people often seem to think that saying things like "just be happier," "don't be depressed," and "just try harder" are legitimate pieces of advice. They are not. In the human body's least amusing attempt at metaphor, many depressed people report physical symptoms like muscle ache, joint pain, and stabbing sensations in the chest. If you are depressed and feeling pain, check with your doctor to discuss possible causes. One of the many lies depression will tell you is that nobody cares about you, so you won't want to "bother" people by reaching out to them.



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