Interesting facts about king saul

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interesting facts about king saul

King Saul by John C. Holbert

Description: King Saul is based on the Biblical story of the first king of Israel. It retells the story in a fresh way, offering new looks at the three major characters--Saul, Samuel, and David--and the events that brought them together at the very foundation of the nation of Israel three millennia ago. Holberts retelling reveals how this old story is surprisingly modern as it turns its gaze on power politics, personal rivalries, and religious use and abuse as the life of early Israel unfolds.
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SAUL Heb. Saul's home was in Gibeah ibid. After his death, his bones were buried in the tomb of his father, Kish, in Zela ii Sam.
John C. Holbert

Saul Facts

According to the biblical account found mainly in I Samuel, Saul was chosen king both by the judge Samuel and by public acclamation. Saul was similar to the charismatic judges who preceded him in the role of governing; his chief contribution, however, was to defend Israel against its many enemies, especially the Philistines. The son of Kish, a well-to-do member of the tribe of Benjamin , he was made king by the league of 12 Israelite tribes in a desperate effort to strengthen Hebrew resistance to the growing Philistine threat. For roughly two centuries, Israel had existed as a loose confederation of tribes, dependent for their unity upon bonds of religious faith and covenant that were renewed periodically in cultic ceremonies at the central shrine at Shiloh. Two literary strands are discernible in the accounts in I Samuel involving Saul. One of these — , reflecting a favourable attitude toward the monarchy, relates how the tall, handsome son of Kish was initially selected by Samuel, the seer, in a private encounter between the two men.

The first king of Israel, Saul (reigned ca. The youngest son of Kish of the tribe of Benjamin, Saul was a modest shepherd boy, a resident of Gibeah, when the prophet Samuel, after a chance meeting, secretly chose and anointed him king of Israel. Jealous of David, Saul persecuted.
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Saul’s reign.

He was the first king of the ancient Israel. He reigned from BC to BC. In the Bible it is written that Saul loved and obeyed God, until he stopped listening to God and became slightly greedy, losing God's whole interest for him. Samuel, the prophet, comes and gives him a warning that God is not with him anymore. When turning to leave, Saul grabs Samuel's robe, and it tears. He who is the Glory of Israel does not lie or change his mind; for he is not a man, that he should change his mind. Then the spirit of the Lord departs from Saul, and an evil spirit torments him.


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