Poems about being humble and kind

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poems about being humble and kind

Humbleness Quotes (127 quotes)

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Published 14.01.2019

Tim McGraw - Humble And Kind (Official Video)

Humility Poems

Poetry Classics Words Blog F. Submit your work, meet writers and drop the ads. Shofi Ahmed Dec The moon is still hanging low since it came down so close. The seven seas dance beneath her polished feet but could never touch it. Then the intact moon, in fact, did unleash only when one popped out ahead of the rest.

Can you find a humble man, Glad to be on God's green earth? One who holds no greedy plan, Knowing wealth has no true worth. Perhaps, if you search around You may find the one I seek; Standing firm on shaky ground Proud, yet modest, kind, yet meek. If your search discovers him Would you for a moment pause, To lift his precious diadem And return to me, because I cannot find the one I seek, Someone with a gentle plan; Proud, yet modest, kind, yet meek; Can you find a humble man? A humble man tastes the grace.

Humble poetry: There's all kinds of space. I'm standing with tools in my arms. And I can tell by the look on your face, That: There's work that needs to be done.
morir de pie que vivir de rodillas

Joseph Anderson

Be humble Even in your greatness. Be noble Even if in you own the stars. For in order to have the prize, You must be humble to pay the price. Your stars will not last forever. Your crowns will not surely endure. Yes, you may even have trophies But it is not an excuse To live a life being humble, To be more than noble.


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