Good tumblr quotes about love

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good tumblr quotes about love

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Published 14.01.2019

Love Quotes Tumblr

“Love brings joy, it brings peace. It brings sadness and grief. It brings hope, it brings pain, it drives people insane. It brings smiles, it brings tears, it helps.

101 Love Quotes That Are Begging to Star in Your Most Romantic Insta Captions

There was never a moment I tried to remember you, because there was never a moment I forgot you. How could I forget about something that never happened? Is it about me again? Think long and hard. Was it me or something in your dreams? We were going out for probably 5 months.

I knew he would never come back. He just waited to have the chance. I Always Follow Back. You let love and adoration pour from your mouth and paint it across my body with your fingertips. You feed my soul with pieces of your heart. You fill the emptiest caverns of me with happiness and laughter.

We both know about that one, Alex. Your friendship has brought glorious technicolor to my life.
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You are the laughter of a rainy day and the four-leaf clover in a field, the starry nights in the summer and the snow that falls on the tip of my nose. You are all the things that make me happy, and for that I am grateful. I want to go on long drives late at night with you and find the less traveled, scenic routes. I want to sit in a wood cabin on a mountain side in the Fall and sip coffee with you. I want to go to corny theme parks and ride the silly rides with you.


  1. Waubravtanma says:

    That your last man was much taller and blonder and had funnier jokes and you ask yourself and god why he made you fall in love with someone who was so… so… so meant for someone else.

  2. David C. says:

    I hope I never have to say goodbye to the next person I fall in love with. #love quote#love#relationship quote#relationship goals#relationship#good.

  3. Manavalan J. says:

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