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the truth about angels movie

Angels & Demons Quotes by Dan Brown

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Published 13.01.2019

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The Truth About Angels

An antimatter explosion threatens to level the Vatican in the movie adaptation of the thriller "Angels and Demons," but real-world physicists are unfazed by this plot. Researchers first figured out how to create and trap antimatter particles at CERN, which gave author Dan Brown the inspiration for his story. One physicist doesn't find CERN's unexpected publicity from the story upsetting. On the contrary, he's rather pleased. Antimatter is real, but it still represents a baffling presence in the universe — sub-atomic particles that are the opposite of normal matter. When a particle and antiparticle meet, they mutually annihilate each other and release their entire mass as energy. This bizarre but intriguing reality has prompted plenty of science fiction writers to dream of antimatter engines powering future civilizations or starships, such as Star Trek's U.

The Trouble with Angels is a American comedy film about the adventures of two girls, later best friends, in an all-girls Catholic school run by nuns. The film's cast includes Marge Redmond who would play a nun in the television series The Flying Nun , which premiered the following year as math teacher Sister Liguori, Mary Wickes who later played a nun in the movie Sister Act and its sequel Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit as gym teacher Sister Clarissa, and Portia Nelson who had played a nun in The Sound of Music the previous year as art teacher Sister Elizabeth. The movie is set at St. Francis Academy, a fictional all-girls Catholic boarding school in Pennsylvania , operated by an order of nuns. The episodic story line follows the young women through their sophomore, junior and senior high-school years as they pull pranks on the sisters and repeatedly get into trouble. Although Mary spends much of her time at St. Francis resenting the authority of the Mother Superior and puzzling over why any woman would choose the life of a nun, as time goes on she is touched by examples of the sisters' dedication, devotion, kindness, love, and generosity, and begins to see that their life is one of fulfillment, not deprivation.


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