About 3 idiots movie review

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about 3 idiots movie review

3 Idiots The Original Screenplay by Rajkumar Hirani

3 idiots by Rajkumar Hirani and Chetan Bhagat is comical story revolving around three college students who have different approaches for dealing with the stress of the future.
The story begins with Raju and Farhan searching for their long lost college companion- Rancho; while on their quest to find him, they remember their old college days and the way Rancho shaped them to be the people they are today. In flashback, the authors show Rancho, Farhan, and Raju all dorming together as they begin their journey at the Indian College of Engineering. Raju, stressed with his family’s dire need for financial support, stresses too much about his future and depends on being religious to pass exams; Farhan, a photographer at heart who is forced to attend engineering courses due to societal/family pressures, depends on heavy duty studying to relieve stress of the future; Rancho, a bubbly person who genuinely wishes best for all, has no fear for the future as he believes that one needs to trust their heart. The three spend all of college together trying to figure out themselves. Through the journey, Raju attempts to commit suicide, fails, and leans that he should stop chasing success because if he does what he is supposed to success will chase him. Farhan confronts his parents about his dream as a photographer and finally succeeds and is excellent in his job. Rancho helps everyone understand what they truly want and need to be successful!
The story never has a dull moment! Hirani and Bhagat wrote it very simply and comically in order for it to be relatable to the audience that they are panning the novel towards. I enjoyed the comical approach because it something different which not a lot of authors choose to do. It is filled with jokes and perspectives that only young people would mainly relate to and older people would remember! Even some of the serious scenes were so well crafted and written that the author definitely knew how to balance emotions and humor. For example, the text states, “ ‘Dude, if you don’t tell you dad now, you’ll regret it years from now. You’ll be on your deathbed and you’ll think, the letter was in my hand, the words were in my mouth, if I had a little more courage I could have lived the way I wanted to.’” Clearly, this quote originates from when Rancho was attempting to convince Farhan to follow his dreams. Rancho uses very deep and emotional ways to convince Farhan and the audience that following ones own dreams is the most effective key for living a successful/happy life.
I, personally, believe that this novel is by far the best I have read. I, too, agree with Rancho’s theory! Everyone should be able to live life to their own expectations. There were some moments, especially during Raju’s attempt at suicide, touched me deeply because it made me see how stress could dangerous. Stress, anxiety, and depression can be caused by a wrong education system. Learning should be fun and exciting, however, modern schools make education more stressful than needed. I was able to relate to this book and it made it even more enjoyable.
In conclusion, Three Idiots is a novel that everyone should read and learn from.
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Crossover potential is zero, but the Dec. Warm-up has Farhan Qureshi R. Madhavan getting a call from oily businessman Chatur Ramalingam Omi Vaidya that he knows where to find their former fellow student, Rancho Khan , who mysteriously disappeared after graduation. Farhan rounds up his old friend Raju Rastogi Sharman Joshi and, with no choice but to take Chatur along, the pair set off on the long drive north from New Delhi to the hill town of Shimla. Their liberating friendship with roommate Rancho — aka Ranchhoddas Shamaldas Chanchad — gave them a whole new perspective on life. This leads to a running battle with pompous, know-it-all principal Viru Sahastrabuddhe vet Boman Irani , nicknamed Prof.

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