Movie about power grid failure

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movie about power grid failure

Arthurs Nose (Arthur Adventure Series) by Marc Brown

Arthur the aardvark is two years older than Garfield the cat and hes changed just as much since his debut in 1976. Arthur first appeared in Arthurs Nose by Marc Brown, an appropriate and funny title for a cover sporting a typically shaped aardvark, but a little disturbing in thinking of what Arthur looks like now.

Brushing aside 20-20 hindsight for the moment, I want to look at the first edition book because thats the version I read. Its part of the K12 collection at Holy Names University that I cataloged for my MLIS internship. The book has probably sat there unread since the Education Department brought Sr. Junes collection over from wherever they used to keep them to be housed in the main library.

The cover art is typical mid 1970s. Its done in browns, oranges and pink. Artistically its firmly planted in the year it was published.

And there in the middle of the cover, framed in gold (or puke yellow) is a nerdy aardvark in an orange and yellow striped shirt and pocket protector. For fans of the more recent incarnation of Arthur, the only familiar details are the eyes and the rounded ears.

So Arthurs in school with some vaguely familiar looking friends. Its easier to tell through squinted eyes who the are. The entire cast seems to have transformed over the years. Hes being teased for his nose and decides to do something about it.

Rather than treat the situation like a no bullying lesson from the get-go, Arthur decides on rhinoplasty to fix his problem. Being an animal in a world of anamorphic animals, Arthurs choices are beaks, trunks, and so forth. As those would all look even more ridiculous on his face than his current nose, he decides against the operation. As it stands by itself in the absence of all other Arthur books, its a cute story with a solid message.

But wait! Look at modern day Arthur. Where the heck is his nose? By the 1980s, Arthur has morphed into his modern day form. If the moral of the story was be happy with what nature / genetics has given you, then wheres his nose?

The disappearance of Arthurs nose in later books and in the PBS series calls into question the ending of Arthurs Nose in the same way that The Magic School Bus: Going Batty makes it clear that Ms. Frizzle is actually a vampire.
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Power Grid Down What DHS Didn't Tell Us

docu-drama, "American Blackout" reveals in gritty detail the impact of what happens when a cyber attack on the United States takes down the power grid.
Marc Brown

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But, of course, Britain was going to lose the plot, because people always end up doing so in a drama of this kind. So it was here in this feature-length drama that tried hard to do something original without fully pulling it off though it gets points for effort. Actual archive footage had been spliced with the fiction, and the frenzied criminality in some of the clips was reminiscent of the London riots. Not all of it was convincing, despite its mix of actual and imagined. Media reports provided a voiceover to the action in its rolling-news coverage, but why weren't media outlets disabled by the power cut? The better part of this drama came in its latter half. At first, the effects of the blackout were novel, even amusing, for those struck by darkness: "They're taking widescreen TVs," scoffed one smug father as he saw the lootings, even though there was no electricity to power the loot.

All rights reserved. As evidenced by all the October cable movie marathons, Halloween season is the time when people like to watch scary movies. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic world 15 years after a mysterious worldwide blackout. There have been dozens of sci-fi movies, horror films and thrillers over the years that address — directly or indirectly — our cultural anxieties about blackouts, energy crises and subsequent disasters. This Halloween, forget about ghosts and vampires. Go for the really scary stuff. Probably the granddaddy of all Big Energy anxiety movies, The China Syndrome is named after a gallows-humor term describing a nuclear power plant meltdown that burns into the earth, clear through to China.

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