What you like most about yourself

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what you like most about yourself

Quote by Warsan Shire: “Document the moments you feel most in love with...”

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Published 13.01.2019

Tell Me About Yourself - A Good Answer to This Interview Question

Quick! Without too much thinking, what are 10 things you love about yourself?

Caring and soft-hearted. I have a sense of humor. Again, not trying to sound arrogant, but I have a tendency to put others ahead of mean, for no reason. I think outside the box. I enable other people to inspire, as well. This is great!! We have been taught since childhood to not speak highly of yourself as its considered conceited.

See our Privacy Policy. Please log in or Create a Profile to post a comment. I am unique 3. Sensitive Intuitive 4. Perspective in different ways 6. Happy 7.

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What three qualities or things do you like most about yourself? Wow -- how to answer this without sounding pompous?

This the question that I was greeted with this morning, on facebook. As a result of answering this question I felt good about myself. I was reminded of what's important to me, and what actions I need to take today, to ensure that I continue to create my life exactly as I want it. Knowing what you like about yourself isn't self conceited, it's healthy to know your good points, as well as your not so good points. The more confident a person is, and the more at ease they are with themselves, the more people warm to them, and want to be associated with them, and want to be their friends. A healthy sense of self esteem is good for relationships of all kinds; whether friendships, family, or work.

Halfway through a bottle of wine, Keaton gets extra chatty and funny. Thirteen years after watching the movie, I still remember that line. It was such a surprise hearing the character acknowledge out loud that she likes a personal trait. And good for her! She should! Are you a great parent or friend? Do you have a secret talent?


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    5 things you like about yourself

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