Haiku poems about cherry blossom trees

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haiku poems about cherry blossom trees

Kobayashi Issa Quotes (Author of The Spring of My Life and Selected Haiku)

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Published 13.01.2019

Cherry Blossom Haiku by Gemma

Basho’s cherry blossoms

This is one of over fifty chapters in my upcoming long-delayed book, Cherry Blossom Epiphany chapter 10, to be precise. The poems are centered, use no capital letters, and are attractively arranged in clusters using double and triple columns. That is too much work for html. As it would be boring to see the poems in serial, I present them here in single line format, with apologies. Let me also add some things not explained below because the readers would already be familiar with them. First , unlike English, where "cherry" implies the fruit, in Japanese sakura refers to the tree, the blossom or more generally the tree in full blossom, though it can, in suitable context, even refer to the falling petals! Second , the common word hana , meaning either "blossom" or "flower" - which is to say that in Japanese, flowering trees are simply flowers - or anything precious or gorgeous, in the poetic context, unless otherwise indicated, is understood to mean "cherry blossoms.

The sky shifts with the cherry branches above my head. But as the petals fall on my face, I forget about the back pain and think of my favorite haiku by Matsuo Basho, the 17th century Japanese poet. Everything passes—and then returns. Temple bells die out. The fragrant blossoms remain. A perfect evening!

Japanese Haiku Art Japanese sakura tree haiku Nature Haiku, Japanese Haiku, Sumi E Painting . Haiku poem: cherry blossoms -- by Michael McClintock.
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Basho Matsuo

cherry blossom haiku 2

Even after almost three years in Japan, it still amazes me how seasonal everything is, starting from food, drinks, desserts, packaging, postcards, museum exhibitions and many other things. Sakura flavoured cake p. Looking through the photos from the three seasons of hanami and cherry blossom photo hunting , while sipping sakura wine and enjoying some last bits of sakura flavoured sweets, I compiled a small selection of my favourite photos paired with haiku, a traditional form of Japanese poetry. Sakura wine, available only for a short time during February-March, i. Typically, it should also have a seasonal reference and a juxtaposition between two images or ideas, leading to a complete piece of art on its own. Modern Japanese haiku or haiku written in other languages may be much more flexible when it comes to the form and content.


  1. Dawn G. says:

    cherry blossoms fall! fall! enough to fill my belly. cherry trees in bloom– warmed by a brazier blossom-gazing. Translations by Haiku Guy.

  2. Justin G. says:

    Simply Haiku: Quarterly Journal of Japanese Short Form Poetry ~ Feature

  3. Anahí M. says:

    Basho’s cherry blossoms – Akita International Haiku Network

  4. Anhipeca says:

    Oh cherry blossom Firsts of new born spring's awesome - How I love thy all.

  5. Mic3 says:

    ———–One Hundred and One Cherry Blossom Haiku———– The poems were translated into Bulgarian by Iliyana Stoyanova for the Annual Ohanami Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria. Enjoy! twilight . the tree of Japanese cherry and our love.

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