Poems about being abandoned by your mother

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poems about being abandoned by your mother

Abandonment Quotes (181 quotes)

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Published 12.01.2019

10 Ways Borderline Mothers Deeply Wound Their Children

Abandonment Poems

Abandonment leaves wounds that heal slowly and scars that fade even slower. Usually, the effects of abandonment last a lifetime. Only those who have experienced the anguish caused by being abandoned can understand the depth of this feeling and the fear it causes. It causes one to lose their sense of security. It causes one to feel unlovable and suffer from low self-esteem.

Abandoned By Mom Poem

Daddy Left in Kitchen gadgets thrown around on counters. Flour in the sink, making a paste mess Ugly wallpaper with chicken and turkeys Squawks dissipated when the kids got up. Dad was gone. They assumed to work. They were wrong. Mom looked angry.


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    Poem About Mom Not Being There

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    Poems describing feelings of abandonment by children of divorce. Children who miss their parent's love and wonder if they still loves them.

  4. Joya I. says:

    A daughter writes about how she feels towards her mom, who abandoned her Abandonment Poem . Now I'm 20, and I miss the feeling of having mother.

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    Hello, Poetry?

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