Anime about transported to another world

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anime about transported to another world

Isekai - Suddenly Transported to Another World Literature (41 books)

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Published 12.01.2019

Top 25 Anime - Romance/Transported To Another World

The 25 Greatest Isekai Anime You Should Be Watching

Enlarge Image. How many times have you thought of escaping to another world, one with beautiful girls and magical powers and fantastical creatures? A world where you can be the hero and save it from the evil clutches of whatever is evil over there? But what if we could really transport to another world? That is the main theme of isekai another world anime, manga, and light novel stories that are all the rage lately. The protagonist is usually taken from our present day life and thrust upon a weird world where he will usually have special powers and a harem of side characters to keep him company in his new adventures.

There are a lot of light novel anime adaptations heading to the airwaves this summer and conveniently six of them are built off the popular "alternate world" isekai premise. Either our characters are reborn in another world, transported there through some weird accident, or the other world is suddenly connected to their own. This week I'm taking a look at those shows, the main characters that constitute the party, and elaborating which group I'd most like to hang out with based on completely arbitrary criteria. Let's pick our best alt-world-fantasy-cartoon friends for the summer! His only initial party member is Aku, an orphan girl with a disability who was almost sacrificed by her village members because of classism. Join the group? Barring that the show goes the Bunny Drop route, this looks like a fun duo.

Have you thought of being trapped in another world? We usually fantasize with such kind of scenario when we are fed up with our current life and when it starts to feel that everything and everyone is going against us. If given the chance, would you really leave behind everything and set forth to a new journey in a new world? This is the question shared by all the main characters in this list of anime series where the hero is transported to another world. This interesting "from another world" anime plot is now taking the world by storm from one successful show another and you should never let everyone leave you behind. Get on the hype train and be sure to read until the anime show featured in this list so you can include all of these gems in your future late night anime binges!

Isekai is a subgenre of Japanese light novels, video games, and manga where the protagonist ends up being transported or reborn into another world. In recent years, the popularity and frequency of this subgenre has increased, resulting in quite a few isekai anime adaptations.
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In recent years have been a boom of Isekai Animes, with around 1 to 2 per season or even more, some have wonder why is isekai so popular? Anyway, first what is Isekai? In which the protagonist is sent or trapped into a parallel universe like a video game that he was playing or was summoned by magic. Somehow the main characters are disconnected from their reality. And though is not the rule these characters are usually are gamers, NEETs, hikikomori aside from that is typical that protagonists have some kind of abilities that help them to survive in the new universe like high level of knowledge, magical abilities or in the case of issekai animes with video games stories, stats that surpass other players.


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    Complete list of the best summoned into another world anime, and watch online. These isekai anime feature characters who have been summoned into another.

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    14 Best Transported to Another World Anime images in | Another world, Zero, Anime art

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    J-Novel Club has licensed the series for an English release, releasing each novel in six weekly parts since February

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