Poems about not caring anymore

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poems about not caring anymore

Not Caring Quotes (30 quotes)

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Published 11.01.2019

[POETRY] Just Don’t Care Anymore…

I don't care anymore

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Don't have an account? Register Here! You think for a moment that I care now what you think of me I pity you, The day has long past when cared what you think of me, I am now worth your thoughts now that you and the rest of the world think think that they know me and have the right to judge me, Think that I care for your thoughts I am done trying to please you and the rest of the world, Pleasing you and them is suppose to have made me happy but sadly i am awake and trying to please u and they makes me sickly. How easy it is for you to never imagine that I had problems well what did you think? Pretty little doll perfectly dressed could not be flawed How funny it must be to finally remove the layers of fluff and see that I am flawed, I am human, I make mistakes and somehow I thought that I was entitled to a few.

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  1. Clothilde C. says:

    I wanna get out of this place.

  2. Gradasso T. says:

    I Don't Care Anymore

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