Interesting facts about cristiano ronaldo

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interesting facts about cristiano ronaldo

CRISTIANO RONALDO - 100 Facts They Dont Want You To Know! - Premier League and Real Madrid Striker CR7 by A.A. Sports

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Published 11.01.2019
Leading Real Madrid to victory and scoring seemingly countless goals, he has taken over Soccer in Spain as we know it.
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43 Spectacular Facts About Cristiano Ronaldo

This is the real me. I am a humble person, a feeling person. A person who cares about others, who wants to help others. Read on for 43 facts about this Portuguese phenom. He has two sisters and one brother, and they all had to sleep in the same bedroom. He was also taught how to cook and take care of himself for pretty much all of his basic needs, instead of relying on his parents.

Fact 2 Ronaldo came from an impoverished family. Fact 3 Ronaldo's father, Jose Dinis Aveiro, passed away at the age of 52 due to alcoholism. As a result, Ronaldo does not drink alcohol because drinking it reminds him so much of the death of his father. Fact 4 He was an amazing player, already wowing crowds when he was at 11 years old. Fact 5 Ronaldo paid for the cancer treatment of a nine-year-old boy.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player who has set records while playing for both Manchester United and Real Madrid. He got the name "Ronaldo" after then-U. At the age of eight, Ronaldo played for amateur team Andorinha, where his father was the kit man. Ronaldo was nicknamed "cry-baby" as a child. His mother Dolores Aveiro said: "When he got home from school I'd tell him to do homework but he'd say he didn't have any. I'd be making dinner and he would jump out of the window and run off until late.

Cristiano Ronaldo , in full Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro , born February 5, , Funchal , Madeira , Portugal , Portuguese football soccer forward who was one of the greatest players of his generation. He signed with English powerhouse Manchester United in At age 15 Ronaldo was diagnosed with a heart condition that necessitated surgery, but he was sidelined only briefly and made a full recovery.
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40. Sacrifice

Even if you're not much of a sports fan, you would have been living under a rock not to notice such a fine specimen of a man -- and I'm not just speaking for the ladies, men admire him too for his sportsmanship and skills. And really, it is quite remarkable to watch him on the field. Whether you are a die-hard fan or just merely curious, this 6-packed abs hunk, who sometimes may come off as arrogant, has more to offer besides being Real Madrid's player and one of the world's most decorated and popular athlete. Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro was named after U. President, Ronald Reagan who was his father's favorite actor, and whom he greatly admired.




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