Questions to ask about islam religion

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questions to ask about islam religion

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Published 11.01.2019

When Religions Collapse - Sadhguru

There is, therefore, no monolithic Islam, since, like any other religion, Islam that the answers to the following questions reflect the views of the American Muslim our lives and characters and to work for the good of our homeland and society.

Top 10 Questions

Muslims can be very secular or very religious. Afsaruddin says a fundamental ideal of Islam is to promote what is good and prevent what is wrong. The word that best describes the struggle to reach this imperative is jihad. Imam Hendi says the term applies broadly into everyday life. Taking care of your cat is a form of jihad.

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Muslims do not worship Muhammad pbuh or any other prophets. Muslims believe that Muhammad pbuh was the last of the prophets. They believe that God alone is to be worshiped, not any human being. Muslims think highly of Jesus pbuh and his worthy mother, Mary. The Quran tells us that Jesus was born of a miraculous birth without a father. The likeness of Jesus with Allah is the likeness of Adam.


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