Example of simile about love

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example of simile about love

Simile Quotes (343 quotes)

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Similes in poetry

These examples of similes will help you see that a simile is one of the most before the Capulets' party, he makes the following comparison about love: "Is love.

Metaphors for Love

No you suck my big and small at the same time chode ur mom loves ma chode and gets beat by it like she was a black man and my chode was a night stick. Report Reply. Its not good and it very bad Report Reply. She hAs been fired from work for 5 months but lAst month her payment wAs just working on the computer for A few hours. Thank you for every thing Report Reply. Yes, love never comes to an end, rather moves along a circle of eternity. Love is Truth, yet it is a deep dark hole of mystery.

For example, when Neil Young sings, "Love is a rose," the word . Metaphor Definition and Examples A Definition of Simile With Examples.
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A simile is a figure of speech that compares two different things in an interesting way. The object of a simile is to spark an interesting connection in a reader's or listener's mind. - A good simile goes with good writing like two peas in a pod.

Not sure if it's good but I tried. Critique invited, enjoy! This is absolutely not a cliche. I loved your verse. Thank you so much for your entry and wish you all the best in the contest

A simile is a figure of speech that says that one thing is like another different thing. We can use similes to make descriptions more emphatic or vivid. The above patterns of simile are the most common, but there are others made with adverbs or words such as than and as if , for example:. Similes can include other figures of speech. For example, "He ran like greased lightning" is a simile that includes hyperbole greased lightning. Similes often make use of irony or sarcasm. In such cases they may even mean the opposite of the adjective used.


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    For example, when Neil Young sings, "Love is a rose," the word "rose" is the vehicle for the term "love," the tenor.

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    simile+poem - Google Search | Poetry | Simile poems, Love poems, Poems

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    The poetry master should be able to do the following.

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    Love is like the sunbeam that gleams through the shower. And kisses off gently the dews from the flower; That cheers up the blossoms and bids them be gay.

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