Novel about jesus as a boy

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novel about jesus as a boy

Jesus Boy by Preston L. Allen

I absolutely loved this book! Preston Allen wrote a purely classic novel with this story. Church going folk will especially enjoy this novel as well. Many of cultures and issues within the African American church appear within the story. This book also has a similar theme as James Baldwins classic first novel, Go Tell It on The Mountain. In which, he writes about a young Black man growing up in a holy roller church while dealing with the pressures of the secular world.
Jesus Boy is definitely worth the read and will not disappoint.
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THE JESUS BOY (Book Trailer Version #2)

Rice's book gives us Jesus as a young boy, aged 7 and 8, as his family flees Egypt for a new home in Israel. The author wrote the book after a.
Preston L. Allen

The Childhood of Jesus by JM Coetzee – review

I t's a relief after reading a lot of contemporary fiction to come across the sober prose of Coetzee. He doesn't shout at you. He doesn't try to force on you any kind of facial expression — of amusement or sympathy. He knows what he's doing but he's not going to tell you what that is, and I spent much of The Childhood of Jesus trying to figure it out. I can't say I have figured it out. In the first place, it isn't really about Jesus, except at some hard-to-pin-down allegorical level.

Selected as WLRN's Sundial's January Book Club Pick. "Allen has created a consummate tragicomedy of African American family secrets and sorrows.
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In celebration of his birthday, here are ten books inspired by Jesus Christ and his disciples

What is it about church that is so damn sexy? The question has bugged me for a long time. An erotic current runs just below the displays of rectitude and purity, despite the hard pews and organ repertory. Denying the flesh only makes it throb harder. It bubbles up during sermons as eyes and thoughts wander. Sixteen-year-old Elwyn Parker, the protagonist of Preston L. All the furtive copulation makes for a general kinkiness that permeates the sanctuary like cheap aftershave.


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