Best books about space program

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best books about space program

Popular Space Program Books

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Published 10.01.2019

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17 books about space that make great holiday gifts

Make Your Own List. Space historian Andrew Chaikin tells us about five books that capture the thrill and achievement of our venturing into the great beyond. He picks the best books on space exploration. Chaikin is an American author, speaker and science journalist. Was the programme ultimately worth it? If I could magically go back in time and give NASA a different pathway at the end of the Apollo programme, I would not choose the space shuttle programme that we ended up with — but then neither would NASA.

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At MACH we take care to recommend items we hope you'll enjoy! Just so you know, MACH may get a small share of the revenue. MACH does have affiliate relationships with various online retailers. So, while every product is independently selected, if you buy something through our links, we may get a small share of the revenue. Few of us will ever have a chance to experience such an awakening firsthand — but there are accessible ways to achieve a cosmic mindset. The books listed here let you see through the eyes of great space pioneers and the most gifted science-minded storytellers. Think of them as rockets of the mind that will lift you away from everyday concerns and into the boundless possibilities of the universe beyond.

The United States space program before and during Apollo, including the first time humankind landed on the moon on July 20, , during Apollo 11, is one of the most written about subjects in history. Much ink has been spilt over the most thrilling moments of the lunar flights, the quality and character of the astronauts, the political forces that sent humanity to the moon, the technical details of spaceflight, and virtually every word and deed of anyone close to the Apollo program and the moon landings. But perhaps the most important and enjoyable Apollo stories are contained in books. Here are some of the best. Michael Collins, command module pilot for Apollo 11, is not as famous as his crewmates Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, who walked on the moon while he orbited above, but Collins writes with an eloquence and a humor that captures both the profundity and sheer awesomeness of flying to the moon. Before any human could venture nearly a quarter million miles to another world, the spaceflights of the Mercury program took the first Americans to space, and the Gemini program tested many of the technologies necessary for a lunar voyage, such as docking two spacecraft together and crawling out of a spacecraft in nothing but a pressure suit.


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    Discover new books on Goodreads.

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    Only a select few have experienced spaceflight first-hand, but a good book can show you T-0 through an astronaut's eyes, tell the story behind your favorite rocket technology and peer into a future of space exploration.

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    Popular Space Program Books

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    Our recently-read books in all categories can be found at Best Space we can draw from it to understand the country's modern space program.

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    You've chosen five books about space exploration, but none are about NASA's space shuttle. Was the programme ultimately worth it? If I could magically go.

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