The truth about abs workout

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the truth about abs workout

The Truth About Six Pack Abs by Mike Geary

This is not just a diet program, it is a customised lifestyle, fitness and nutritional system that will help you to lose weight, regain fitness and increase your energy levels. This book covers a LOT of topics, as there are so many complex factors that go into losing weight, building muscle and getting six pack abs. The Truth About Six Pack Abs offers you everything you need to know in order to achieve six pack abs – all you have to do is follow it. If reaching peak fitness is your goal, these expert tips will help you to get there faster.
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Floor Abs Workout. 20 Minute Home Exercise Routine To Shape Your Stomach

You might think that you need to crunch your heart out and go on a strict diet if you want your abs to come out of hiding.
Mike Geary

5 Common Myths and Facts About Your Abs

Well-defined abdominal muscles, whether achieved through pure dedication, superior genetics, or both, are as coveted as they are elusive. The following are approaches that I've tried through trial and error to reveal the elusive six-pack. Try them out! Olympic sprinters, Calvin Klein underwear models, Professional bodybuilders, and Brad Pitt in Fight Club—These individuals possess what many consider to be the cornerstone of a superior physique - a chiseled six-pack. Well-defined abdominal muscles, whether achieved through pure dedication, superior genetics, or a combination of the two, are as coveted as they are elusive. They require both low body-fat and lean muscle mass, two features that are difficult enough to achieve independently. If your goal is to look like the model on the cover of this month's fitness magazine or some professional bodybuilder on the day of a competition, you need to reassess these aims.

This is the worst myth.
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Can you get flat abs? That's probably the single biggest question many of us have when it comes to losing body fat. Many of us have probably done countless abdominal exercises in order to get flat abs but see very little success. It's hard to believe that one body part could cause so much anguish for many of us, but it does—simply because we can't control how our bodies respond to exercise and diet. We can't control where fat is stored or how quickly we lose it and this is especially true of the midsection. With that in mind, what's the real answer to getting flat abs? It helps to know just what your body is capable of and how much control you really have over losing body fat.


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    Before you buy it, give this a read.

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    My Honest Review of The Truth About Six Pack Abs

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    Brain-Dead Ab Training Most of us admit to wanting killer abs, but few of us ever have a plan on how to accomplish it.

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