Facts about the snow queen

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facts about the snow queen

The Snow Queen by Amy Ehrlich

When the coldhearted Snow Queen abducts a young boy, Gerda begins a magical and perilous journey to find him and release him from the Snow Queens treacherous spell. Follow Gerda in this sparkling retelling of the classic fairy tale, as she sets out on her dangerous quest to the frozen north. Sparkling new jacket art, recolored and newly rendered interior art, and silver foil borders all add to the beauty of this glorious, large-format reissue.
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The Snow Queen Part 2 - HCA - The Fairytaler

The Snow Queen: From Norse Myth to Disney’s Frozen

Gerda is one sweet kid. She likes to sing psalms, and when Kai is pricked by the mirror shards, she "cried out of sympathy" When Kai disappears, she's the one who goes looking for him, even throwing her favorite shoes into the river as an offering. That turned out to be a poor choice, since the river ends up carrying her away in a little boat. But even that doesn't get her down: once it occurs to Gerda that the river might take her to Kai, "that thought was a great comfort and she felt much happier" Okay, this chick is bordering on annoyingly optimistic.

I love your blog! This was an awesome essay! I love writing the blog, so I'm glad you enjoy reading it. I actually read "The Snow Queen" for the first time to discuss it here, and now I adore it. While I'm looking forward to eviscerating the Disney version, should it prove to be as problematic as the promo material suggests, I would prefer a proper adaptation that left me with little to say. It's a story that deserves the Disney treatment, but at the same time, it's too good for the Disney treatment, you know? I feel so grateful that I came across this page just after reading The Snow Queen.

Character Analysis

Creatives at Disney toyed with the classic Hans Christian Andersen story back in the Snow White era, and then again in the Little Mermaid era, but only the success of Tangled made way for Frozen to finally happen. Take that, cynics.

It is a coming of age story, but it also deals with faith and science, good and evil, and some of its elements are loaded with allegorical meaning. The story type Andersen uses was already known to the Ancient Greeks and some of the characteristics of the Snow Queen herself can be traced back more than a thousand years ago, to the times of the heathen religion. She is called the sky god or the sky lady. But Loki managed to do it by tying one end of a cord around the beard of a goat and the other end to his testicles, drawing one another back and forth. In The Snow Queen , two ravens help Gerda during her journey; perhaps an unintentional reference to the pair of ravens that accompany the god Odin and travel throughout the world. In the Alps regions of Germany and Switzerland they still remember the winter goddess Perchta or Bertha. In other areas, there is a similar divinity called Holda or Holle or Huld or Hulda, perhaps even Huldra in connection with the Scandinavian creature , which is sometimes responsible for the falling of snow.

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Find out why Elsa of 'Frozen' may be our fave Disney princess yet. Frozen is the biggest Disney animated smash in years, thanks in large part to one of its heroines, the lovely Snow Queen who started out as Princess Elsa. The film and its soundtrack are pretty massive and have worked in concert to reinvigorate a still-beloved storytelling brand. The hype shows no signs of dying down and is anchored by Princesses Anna and Elsa. Elsa is the big sis and has the show-stopping song "Let It Go" to her credit. That song helped propel this film and story to stratospheric levels.


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