Childrens books about parents with mental illness

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childrens books about parents with mental illness

Children understanding Mental Illness (34 books)

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Published 10.01.2019

Mental Illness Education for Kids

Our favorite books on everything from ADHD to trauma help kids understand the emotional and learning challenges they Coping With a Parent's Depression.
Lone Alaskan Gypsy

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Listed below are some books that may be helpful in explaining the mental illness of a parent or other adult to young children. Many do not actually specify mental illness. Instead they use analogies children can easily understand. This book provides clinically sound and age-appropriate information for children, answering questions about the borderline personality disorder of a parent, and suggesting ways to cope with the difficult situations. The wonderful illustrations help with the understanding, and lighten the story with humour. In some families, mental health difficulties can be at the heart of more frequent meltdowns.

Meltdown Moments By Anne Sved Williams and Marnie Jonsson-Harrison

M att Haig is feeling hopeful. His first ever illustrated story, The Truth Pixie , is published in the UK on Thursday — and he is optimistic it will encourage young children to talk about their anxieties. They go away by talking about them, externalising them and dealing with them. The book confronts feelings of anxiety head-on, using the metaphor of a cursed pixie who is forced to tell hard-hitting truths to a sad little girl who is very anxious about her future. And actually, you need the occasional dark day for the bright days to be brighter. With one in four children who are referred to child and adolescent mental health services CAMHS turned away , a wave of illustrated fiction is attempting to help children as young as three manage their feelings of worry and stress.

Our annual conference includes latest research and clinical advances in child and adolescent psychiatry, and we welcome colleagues working in the field of child and adolescent mental health. Further information. Further information and registration. Unfortunately College staff are unable to help with queries about this event. Please use the email addresses under the link. We produce a variety of leaflets on young people's mental health , catering for both young people, and parents, carers and teachers. You can also see other resources such as books, films, helplines and websites.


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