Old wives tales about cats

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old wives tales about cats

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Published 09.01.2019

Children's Bedtime Story - Billy & Zac the Cat's Fairground Adventure Relaxation - Kids Story

There are countless theories and ideas out there on cats and cat care. What should you believe?

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Cats have been seen alternately as divine the Egyptian goddess Bastet took a feline form or evil we all know black cats bring bad luck, right? If the myth that cats steal sleeping babies' breath were true, it would definitely fit in with that darker image. However, no scientific study or verifiable accounts back up such stories. Cats do crave softness and warmth. It's an instinct that keeps them close to the safety of their mothers as kittens. And some people suggest that the smell of milk on a baby's breath might further draw a cat toward the infant's mouth, resulting in accidental suffocation.

Cats Kill Sleeping Babies by Stealing Their Breath

By accepting, you are agreeing to the use of these cookies. See our cookie policy for more information and how to block them if you wish. Blocking cookies may mean you experience reduced functionality. Many myths about cats have been perpetuated since then and some are just as common today as they have ever been! Have you ever heard these cat myths? Myth - Cats have 9 lives Truth - An old wives tale that has stood the test of time but is unfortunately untrue. Whilst we would love our kitties to be able to have a get out of jail free card or 8!

Find help to combat cat urine order, cat urinary infections and cat spraying. Litter box training and cat urine odor - Urinating outside the litter box - Cat litter box health concerns - Cat litter box retraining - Teach your cat to use a litter box - Plus many more articles Free Cat and Kitten Content For Your Site If you are looking for cat and kitten articles for your budding site please feel free to copy this article. Important - If you use an article from my site you must give credit to the author and provide a link to the authors site. You must also give CatNews. Now we think of them less as pest control methods and more as members of our family. Since the domestication of cats some years ago, they have been alternately welcomed into our homes and shunned as evil spirits.


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