Your spiritual journey oracle cards

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your spiritual journey oracle cards

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life by Tori Hartman

Set your intentions, break through blockages and achieve your dreams using the 49 cards and workbook of this extraordinary divination system! Each original card connects with a major chakra and represents one of the mystical fables revealed by angels to popular American psychic Tori Hartman following a near-death experience.

This oracle contains:

- 49 unique chakra cards, each with its own fairy-tale image

- Detailed workbook on how to use the Oracle, including divination spreads and chakra-by-chakra insight to help guide you on your journey

- A personal inquiry and focused meditation for each card
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Published 23.01.2019

Oracle Cards as part of my Spiritual Journey


As an intuitive artist, I channel divine guidance as images, colours, and textures and allow whomever needs to show up As the layers build, shadows and shapes appear. It is at this point that I meet these feminine energies for the first time. I love this process of allowing and embracing the unexpected. I am so grateful to share with you my Divine Feminine Oracle Card deck. Infused with grounding energy and healing messages, the transition from paintings to oracle cards, as it was meant to be

Jenny Smedley - Your Spiritual Journey Oracle Card Deck: Kitchen & Home.
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Perform intuitive readings for yourself and your loved ones., Before you choose to experience this physical dimension that we call Earth, your higher self meets with Spirit Guides to design a blueprint that will enable your soul to learn and evolve throughout the course of your existence.

Most importantly, t hese cards allow you to give yourself a daily reading! All the images in this deck were all hand drawn by Lesley with inspiration from the Angels and the Masters. Lesley was also guided to create the card-images herself using Photo-Shop, and then to also write the accompanying book with all its descriptions and interpretations, again all with inspiration from the angels. This delightful Oracle Set is truly a unique boxed-set that you will find a powerful tool in your own spiritual growth. It is a rare and powerful boxed set created by pure inspiration to help you give yourself an accurate spiritual reading. It is unique, for you will find no other card set completely guided by one artist, one author and one graphic designer.

Physically, we are born of the earth and to the earth we shall return. Yet spiritually, we are never born and we never die, we never come and we never leave. We are all characters in a play and we have each chosen different roles. Your family is a central part of this journey; each member plays their respective roles, each member your co-star and partner. Each play is designed for maximum dramatic effect, otherwise it would all get very boring. In effect we are all actors and we are each required to play our roles well.


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